Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pictures to share...:)

Dundee..Broughty Ferry..visiting baby

Kelty....visiting Chea chea and her family

Few hours tour round Edinburgh

Spending time in bolton :)
...went to Chester Zoo..

BBQ di belakang rumah...

Ok then, thats a few update on the easter...;)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easter holiday has started...

I've been spending my time alone at home since last week..since Nadz sudah start cuti..(hope ure enjoying ur time there..:p)...and its been a hectic week last week as I had to finalize one of my essay... thank god its done although im not that satisfied with my conclusion..fingers cross it will turn out just fine ;)

Besides uni work, few updates since last week:
-Repaired my laptop as soon as Ive finish off my essay...baru jua ambil from the kadai far its working well..though I couldnt install the wireless thingy..hmm...but now im online...yay!! rindu brabis saya just sitting ard at home browsing and wasting time online..haha
- Had dinner at Jirin's few nights ago sempena Maulud..was all impromptu..i arrived a lil late as I went to the library to research on a few stuffs...good food...c melo masak ayam..was delicious!!..followed by oranges, doughnuts, cakes,..had a good laugh as well...looking at durang jirin's iklan and pics during their secondary years...hehe..
- ada Next sales...but didnt buy any of it. It looks good..but not that good when I wear it..haha...depressing!! But in the end, bought a new jacket di Fernick...finally found one in red of the right size...hehe.
- had a luvly lunch di Olive Grove's with Wafi & was to celebrate my bday and wafi's in advance...thanxs Dot...and got an advance bday present as well from both of them..hehe..its a nice green shoe ;p..thanxs again.
- apa lagi ah...cant remember..hmm...oh, had a catch lunch last week with Kak Martina and her friend before durang balik Brunei...was a good catch up.
- besides all just more and more library time...ganya masa ani..since its cuti..inda boleh balik akhir...its super duperly quiet and sikit jelama...eeee...esp masa walking to the bus stop and waiting for the bus...and walking home as well...its way way sunyi-er than no more late nights di uni...paling akhir mesti jua catch the 10.48pm bus...

Things to look forward to:
Im going off to Dundee tomorrow night...yay!! im taking a midnight bus and will be spending my time there till Sunday morning..,then im off to Bolton for the rest of the month..:) should be fun fun fun..:)

And besides having fun, more time to laze around dapan TV (which i do all the time..haha)...and online.....still have two essays to do over easter. the plan is to siapkan one over easter and another one once im back here... after that, its thesis time...then i can say goodbye to uni life...and Im gona miss it alot...esp the library and the journal and the books...hmm...wana have my own collection...;)

ok then, thats just bibiran nonsense here with nothing specific to talk about... HAPPY EASTER every
one...and to those yang ada exam immediately after the cuti...good luck and do take a week off before u guys start ur revision.


Till then...;)