Sunday, January 01, 2012


Welcome to 2012. It has been a while since I last visited this blog, let alone write something here.

2011 is no doubt a very dramatic year for many of us...well, atleast for me anyways :)

It has been a very testing year on both the personal and work front. It was all about expressing feelings and thoughts in the right manner, right time, voice tone n body language; accepting and embracing differences between individuals whom we r related with and those we choose to be close with and in a relationship with. Besides that, most of the time, it was more about relearning about myself...having numerous inner self-battle, dealing with consequences of my past actions, having to accept that nothing remains constant..nothing remains in its status quo forever...thus sometimes its good to get out of the comfort zone and test the waters outside our norm horizon.

There are quite a few questions or remarks made during conversations last year that hit the 'brain cells' to think, rethink, reassess and relook and perhaps take action:-

1) what are you really passionate about in life?
2) Dont you pray?
3) I hope you are over him...
4) my senior said 'we are seen as excess baggage'....(but unfortunately i see us more as a dumping ground)
5) what else are u looking for in life?

These are only some out of the load.

One of the remarks that bothered me so much was something along this line 'siok jua life mu ani had it easy'... That made me really think...n I find it really rude to say that...I was very offended though at that time I chose to remain calm and undisturbed as always. But seriously you have no idea how hard life was for me when I was younger..not even the slightest idea of half of the things i have to go through. You dont know the sort of trouble I was pulled into just bcause I'm 'parent-less'. You have no idea the kind of situation I had to deal with and the kind of things I have to hear n accept n still act cool about it. Unless u have been in my shoes, then no...I don't appreciate u judging my life like u know me no matter how close we r. No one have the right to stay that to another indivdual because u can never fully understand another person.

Anyhow, I thank God that life has been kind to me as I grow older. I can only thank God and wish his gracious rizq will continue in every ways. And I hope i wouldn't lost myself n my faith along the way.

With that, I can only pray n hope that life will continue to treat us all well. But when it doesn't, I hope we would remember that everything has been plan for us, and there's always a blessing in disguise. Amin amin.