Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am no angel but I do try my best not to hurt or bruise others’ feelings. There are times when I can’t be bothered with it simply because that person does not reciprocate in the way you have always treated them; or you are just simply annoyed and tired of all the drama they create and with how you are often taken for granted.

At times, I will tell them off with my honest opinion, however, most times, I try to ‘jaga hati orang’ nya orang Brunei, sometimes at my own expense. It doesn’t mean that I am dishonest to myself/others or two-faced, but I believe there is always a better way of saying things, communicating your ideas, perspectives and represent yourself no matter how seriously annoyed or upset you are. And it also doesn’t mean that you are a sweet talker; it just reflects the kind of person you are especially as what and how you say things / communicate with others will always leave an impact on others.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random update

1) A fresh look for my blog - I am wondering how some blogs look so nice and refreshing padahal the template isnt there.

2) Today is my uncle's 60th birthday - when he saw me this morning - the first thing he asked me - 'Selina tau brapa umur uncle hari ani?' When I said its 60...he smiled. I think its cute. He has been waiting for his birthday since last month..he said it feels like a longggg time =)

3) I kept on bumping into my 'first love' over the past two weeks - havent seen him for ages - today was the closest encounter - Brunei is sooooo small. Hmph. Wonder what I saw in him dulu? Teenage hormones. lol.

4) Thinking of a strategy to be a pampered housewives in 10 years time - perhaps opening a business / home office of some sort would be good. lol.

5) Wonder if I can actually lose 30 kg by December...

6) Had a dream last night - I was on a holiday di KL with the current bf - and I was buying all this new nice clothes - I even bumped into my previous bf parents all the way in KL - lol - dreams have funny and weird ways of communicating with us!!


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A very short entry...
You would think that after spending practically all your life together, you would understand ‘he/she/them’ better and vice versa. Obviously that is not always the case.
Sometimes it is just so frustrating when you deal with people/individuals who think they are the best and always right…in addition to thinking that they are the most reliable, dependable, mature and responsible human being. Most people, I believe, who claims to be like this, are in fact, quite the opposite.