Friday, August 31, 2007


So I did say the last post will be my last post..but i was wrong. We still have internet today though its been cancelled..except that the phone doesnt work anymore.

Anyway, not going to say much here...well, I will try not too. Just want to jot down stuffs that is in my head at the moment. I feel like blogging about it now, but its better if i do it next time when i have more time to blog.

My housemate, a friend and I have been talking endlessly today about everything and anything that comes to mind..and few things lingers on my mind...its basically abt relationship and life...what better topic can girls talk abt when potential guysss are around..;p

1)I know love works in its mysterious ways and for all we know, our 'jodoh' might be someone who has been hanging around our entire life..isnt that scary!! So in my head right now...I'm thinking...'OMG...seriously..WHo is going to be my jodoh? The 'waiting' is nerve wrecking..

2)And what if my 'jodoh' turns out to be one of the guys that I could never stand or what if he is the one I always argued with...geram hati with...and find annoying... im always avoiding...etc etc etc...

3)What if my family doesnt approve? What do I do then...

4)How can we be sure if that guy is the one for us?? How can anyone be sure he/she is marrying the one??? IS it worth taking a risk?

5)What if you are not ready to be married...but there are marriage you say NO..or do you take time and think about it... or do you say YES though u r not ready for it...

6)How do you break the news to the family?


And when you are waiting or are going out with a guy/girl...

How long do you have to be sure to take the relationship onto another level?

How many chances do you give your partner?

How much can you take...and when do you say enough is enough when you dont get the same 'input' from the other side? How long do you wait before you decide u have enough?

And on another equally important one...

I know people say that family ties are think macam *blood*...but do you just stay quiet or do you confront them when you realized that you were led to believe something that is not true...

something that is of the most important thing in ur life...something that you grow up to believe...but only to find out later that it is not entirely TRUE...

What do you do then when some of ur life principles are based on the 'make believe facts'..Maybe some things were said and done to 'protect' prevent us from getting hurt or feeling like its 'our fault'...or to prevent us from making the same 'mistakes'..etc etc etc...but isnt honesty the best policy??

Things that I've managed to suppressed all these times are coming back to the surface..and I'm unable to decide whether it did happened or not...

so, I better stop now before I continue with my nonsense ramblings..will leave it at that till next time.

Have fun people...and take things easy. Think before you speak..words are like a rainbow on the sky or like a bullet to the heart. choose wisely..:)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Empty space

My housemate and I have finally shifted away all the packed boxes to go for shipment tomorrow. She has been spending her time packing away her stuffs while I attempt to work on my thesis...though it looks like packing = soo much fun compared to sitting on my ass reading and motivating myself to type and finish up my work..:)

Now the house is empty...empty spaces in the living room...arah the hallway...our rooms empty pun...(except for mine coz i havent packed it away..) my luggage looks barat to be surung already...

NO TV...usually thursday night..i will watch 10 years younger...then big brother the whole night through unless theres something better to watch. TV is a must every night..its better than the sunyi-ness that fills the living room now.

And this is our last night to enjoy the INTERNET!! It will be cancelled no tv, no internet,..can you guys believe can we survive??dramatic jua eh. I have become sooo addicted to the internet..esp the youtube and bloghopping.. so maybe it is a good thing that I will be away from it in sept..unless i make time to go to the internet cafes. If not, then I guess there should be more progress on my work..;p

Anyway, just to let u guys know..esp the leaving canterbury this sunday...I will be spending my whole September di Brunei Hall. Hopefully my work will be completely done after the first two weeks there...before puasa starts. The plan is to store junkfoods, juice and fruits in my room so that I dont really have to go out..unless i need fresh air..;)besides, I dont really know anyone there so it gets really boring..unless i decide to meet up with my friend who is coming to UK mid sept..yay!!

ok then, I guess this is my last update for the month. I will update it when I do find time to go to the internet cafe..if not then the next update will be in October ok.

Just incase I dont update it in September...just an advance 'SELAMAT BERPUASA DI BULAN RAMADHAN' and mudahan all our prayers will be heard and wishes granted. Amin!!

Have Fun!! xxx

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Got many things that I want to talk about..but its a bit too private to be discussed here..maybe next time.

Anyway, as I am officially one of the many many youtube addicts...ive posted another clip from youtube. check out this song only if u want to...the lyrics kinda repetitive..but the beat to the song is nice, the guy is good looking..and i find the moves enjoy..

If that's ok with you - Shayne Ward

Sunday, August 19, 2007

View from the balcony..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Loving this song..

...nice n simple lyrics with a unique sketchy clip...

note: if it stops halfway..just click from where it stopped, it will continue..dont knw why but it works.
AUGUST 13th...

Its also a special day for the left handed myself..according to the 'hot topic' on msn today ;)

It is said that left handed people are seen to bring bad luck...and history were 'unkind' to them..thanks to the Romans who has dramatized this whole thing of being 'left handed'. Luckily for me, I was not alive during those

I personally think it doesnt matter whether ure a left or right handed though there seem to be a lot of issues about it..not that I will bother myself to read it. Nanti saja when im bored n jobless..;)

All that I can recall, when I was a lil kid...I do remember being told to do more things with my right hand...for example, when I 'put' things in my mouth, hold my spoon, my pencil..mengaut makanan and all sort of stuffs. It was hard when ur left hand will automatically reach out for things when u need to ambil barang..for example. So sometimes, I had to remind myself to do it with my right hand before reaching out for things. And I do recall being a lil annoyed when everything I did was being watched and salah.

But, I have to say that of course I still do alot of things with my left feels more comfortable for me. And sometimes I do have to remind myself to 'change hands' especially when eating with a spoon or fork because eating with the left hand is not good...culturally and religiously I suppose. But one thing I really cant change is when I eat with must be the left hand coz with my right hand..i dont even know how to hold it properly. So, it is safer to makan with tangan..atleast I always use my right one..;p

And it is impolite to shake hands or receive gifts or pasing barang etc etc with the left hand...which is not a problem for me as I do pass/take etc things from others with my right hand out of habit. Its only when my right hand is occupied with other brg or dirty..that I use my left hand, even then, I apologise to them right on the spot.

Oohh...I remembered when I was in primary 5 or was it 6...I used to argue alot with this boy from pakistan/india (cant remember)..maybe his name was rashid or arshad..entah eh. Anyway, the point is..I was sitting on his right when we do our work..especially when we have to copy things from the elbow usually banged into his elbow..and vice versa. and ofcourse, being a kid..we usually fight over stuffs like this between ourselves. Haha. I remembered thinking 'this boy is fussy n unfriendly'. Initially I said sorry, but eventually it turns out to be a 'game' I enjoyed simply because he was a perfectionist n wants his work to be neat..and I was too. So, I have to admit sometimes I did it on purpose when he is writing far ahead of me n when Im bored..and he did the same to me as well. So, we r even I guess. Hahaha. Funny, the little things that you remember..

Ok guys,I think thats all for now. Want to get back to my 'unprogressing work'..;)


*ok..ok..I give up.I dont have a problem with you being one of the left handers* ;)

I know it was yesterday...but its never too late to post something about it right :)

Enjoy the few pics that I have of most of the time, u r behind the camera...;p

Hope you had a good day and wishing you a better year to look forward to..;p


Lots of love,

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Current state of mind!!

This is another boring post of how Im bored with my student life here...well, the first part will be more boring than the second part..(i hope);p I dont enjoy my uni here.. those who often meet up with me in canterbury would probably realize that already and might be bored to death listening to me when I do get into those *mood* where the only think that is in my head is..'I should have looked for more unis before'..and 'how buruk my uni is'..correction; 'how buruk my faculty is'. Haha. Ofcourse, others who studies here..some may agree with me..but most might not. But I will still feel the same about this uni.

Anyway, despite not enjoying the uni..I have to say that Canterbury is a very interesting place. With the gorgeous architectural work done on the Cathedral Church..where sometimes you can hear the bells early in the morning, the Westgate Gardens with a small river right in the middle of town..colourful flowers arranged...and Starbucks right next to the entrance of the Cathedral...shops, abandoned castle, wednesdays and fridays market where u can shop for fresh strawberries and cherries..etc etc...Its a small and pretty town with something to look forward to every weekend if you decide to go to town.

Last week, after I got back from Bolton. I decide to walk around town before heading to Tesco to buy a few things for me to munch on. It was not too buzy...but there was this interesting cute dude playing on his saxophone...moving to the left and right..dancing around while people sit on the available benches to watch him. It was soo sexy. I took a video of him on my camera..but unfortunately I could not download it to my laptop coz my laptop cant read any music or video files anymore. Only youtube works..;)Anyway, this is a picture of him...swaying around in the middle of town..;)

Anyway, i guess thats still in my *lazy mode* will write more when I want to type what I wana say...;)

Have fun people..