Thursday, August 30, 2007

Empty space

My housemate and I have finally shifted away all the packed boxes to go for shipment tomorrow. She has been spending her time packing away her stuffs while I attempt to work on my thesis...though it looks like packing = soo much fun compared to sitting on my ass reading and motivating myself to type and finish up my work..:)

Now the house is empty...empty spaces in the living room...arah the hallway...our rooms empty pun...(except for mine coz i havent packed it away..) my luggage looks barat to be surung already...

NO TV...usually thursday night..i will watch 10 years younger...then big brother the whole night through unless theres something better to watch. TV is a must every night..its better than the sunyi-ness that fills the living room now.

And this is our last night to enjoy the INTERNET!! It will be cancelled no tv, no internet,..can you guys believe can we survive??dramatic jua eh. I have become sooo addicted to the internet..esp the youtube and bloghopping.. so maybe it is a good thing that I will be away from it in sept..unless i make time to go to the internet cafes. If not, then I guess there should be more progress on my work..;p

Anyway, just to let u guys know..esp the leaving canterbury this sunday...I will be spending my whole September di Brunei Hall. Hopefully my work will be completely done after the first two weeks there...before puasa starts. The plan is to store junkfoods, juice and fruits in my room so that I dont really have to go out..unless i need fresh air..;)besides, I dont really know anyone there so it gets really boring..unless i decide to meet up with my friend who is coming to UK mid sept..yay!!

ok then, I guess this is my last update for the month. I will update it when I do find time to go to the internet cafe..if not then the next update will be in October ok.

Just incase I dont update it in September...just an advance 'SELAMAT BERPUASA DI BULAN RAMADHAN' and mudahan all our prayers will be heard and wishes granted. Amin!!

Have Fun!! xxx

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Padian said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha... *hugs* finish t hat stupid paper soon so you can have a life!