Friday, September 17, 2010

Besides the 'lepaking session' on the first day of eid at my grandma and cousins, its been quite a while since the last time I was truly excited for Eid. I dont remember how and why the excitement has deteriorate...but its probably cause I am older now..or probably because I presume some or most of the things done pre-eid are unnecessary and such a wastage or .... lol.

Whatever the reason is...I felt a bit of excitement or *jealousy* last week while I was in KB beraya at one particular home.

As a kid, I remember my dad would always bring me there every now and then. His friend has 5 kids and we would ber-karaoke, liat tv etc while my dad and his friend chat.

Now his friend's kids are all grown up and married. So when we went there the other night to beraya, his house was filled with most of them..both children and grandkids.... duduk dapan tv watching one of the horror movie on Astro.

To see them talk and laugh...being carefree and all that...made me felt something...m not sure what it was.

The family bond is just amazing...Everyone wasnt bickering over one another and just sitting down and all that....i felt a *feeling*. The calmness and the "meriah-ness" I felt saddens me especially when I felt it in another person's home. hmm. Maybe that is the feeling of Eid. I wonder...