Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our flights got here we are stuck at KLIA. Foot spa is too expensive...the book store is getting uninteresting..and our feet is killing us. Thank god for the movie lounge section..we get to rest, watch movie and enjoy free wireless for a limited time =)

My first trip to Jakarta wasnt too bad. The hotel wasnt too bad though parts of it needs to be renovate...from my point of view...=p This time, I manage to make time for a full body massage and body scrub at the hotel...yay =)

Anywy, I have been looking forward for my mandatory leave next week...rupanya I havent took time off work for at least one year..hmm..unfortunately, despite being approved, I will have to go to work and reschedule internally my hols after July. hmm. Meaning I wont be able to go overseas tho I want to cause Im suppose to be at work..except during weekends..hmm..good enough lah I guess. hmm. And people say, you shouldnt let work overrule your life...ceh..=p

For the past few days, I have been doing a lot of thinking...about random related and not...the purpose of life, the purpose of work and purpose of everything.

At times we get too engrossed with work and all the other things in life that we neglect all the other things that matters more to us. Our vision gets clouded by the need to fulfill the things demanded out of us..or expected out of us..the so called "demands of life"...

In fulfilling the expectations, we often we pause and think...

Hence, I have pause to think about all the possibilities of think about all the alternatives of good and / or bad life could have been...

hmm...just something to think about... to be continued...maybe...


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Its already Wednesday and for some reason, I have been *lazy* this week.

Ive been trying to finish up my essay...however, I could not really concentrate - I feel sleepy all the time - and when others talk to me, I feel that I cant even be bothered to listen to them but since it is important, I have to concentrate with my eyes looking at them and trying to comprehend what they are trying to say. hmm.

Sometime I amaze myself - I can really look like I am listening and concentrating when in fact, in my head, I am thinking - what is he/she talking about? or most times, I am thinking, why cant I comprehend this? Why am I like this?

I really want to finish all my essays - however, my body and mind is not aligned with what my head is telling me. Maybe I need a detox or better a longgg holiday.

Sometimes I wish I am born rich with endless money to sustain myself so that I can actually go on a long holiday or take time off work or be unemployed for a longer period. However, I also appreciate all the *lil tests* I have to go through that makes me the stronger me today and am also very bersyukur with all the blessings that Allah has given me and my family. I hope the blessings will continue and bring all of us at the right path. amin.