Sunday, July 15, 2007

He must be the weirdest guy of the month in Cantebury!! ;p

After I found what I was looking for earlier, I decided to have 'me time' at Starbucks. And I saw the guy above...First impression when I saw him masuk starbucks was...'eh, panas eh boots nya can he wear that on such a hot day'..

Then as he was queueing he was humming this song (i cant figure it out though)..then he decided to sit outside again before walking in..humming..and finally bought a raspberry frappucino.

He is one weird guy who entertained me..and possibly a few others.

As he sat outside, he took out a doll and a soft toy (a lil puppy) and his small trumpet out of his bag and arrange it on the table. When people passed by, he talked to them..though im not sure if people understood him as they just walked past him. And when this bunch of kids passed him, he took his soft toy and said 'Wuff! Wuff!'..hahaha... coincidentally one of the kids had a puppy she showed off hers to him and said Wuff Wuff in return. It made me and a few others smile.

And whenever a car passed by...he will blow his trumpet..often caught passerbys by surprise..haha..lain yang di trumpet nya...lain yang

Of course I couldnt resist it but to stop and take his picture before I went off. So, maybe that is the highlight of my quiet Sunday...;p
New hard drive..

Its a sunday, so I decided to go to town and survey the prices for external hard drives. Went to currys..but there were only two options. So planned to check out pc world..but in the end, found one at comet..and realizing that I dont want to walk any further to pc world under the hot sun, I bought it..:)

Nice huh...and I never thought that sorting and transferring pictures can take ages..Ive spent 3 hrs ish just emptying my laptop. And now theres only a few files left..need to decide to keep it or delete it ;)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Birthday Wishes!!

Happy Birthday Kak Mel

Wishing you all the best in life and enjoy all the opportunities that has yet to come..;p

And another belated birthday post to Miss Ida. Wished you had lots of fun there back in Brunei

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tour de France is here in Canterbury ;)

Perfect timing...its a weather...and amazingly, it didnt rain at all..;)
Wish I had a better focused camera...but this will do.. ;p M loving some of the promotional cars being paraded while waiting for the cyclists to reach the finishing line in Canterbury.

Friday, July 06, 2007

A lot of people have big dreams and high aims..and there is nothing wrong to dream and have big goals in life...or even multiple dreamssss....atleast we set our own standards, have a purpose in life..and a reason to move on from one aim to another when things goes wrong.

Quoted from Amitanshu Vishal:

We all should have a dream,
And we should focus on it like a beam.
Dreams are dreamt to be achieved,
Whether to go on moon or to work in field.
We should bet,
That though not yet,
But we will achieve our goal
Which we set when we were small.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

....New Beginning....

There's a new beginning for everything...a new beginning doesnt always start with a clear indication or promising us with something good.

Some pathways in life are very blurry and shaky..we are open to choices that we ourselves are unsure of...whether it will make a good beginning or it will be the start of a bad beginning..

But despite all that, we still have to make a choice and face the consequences...and that is how we learn to cope with things in life. Face our fears, take risks and have faith it will all work well. And let faith runs its course. It is the experiences in life that will make us mature, more aware of things and hopefully a better person.

When we fall, we shouldnt take it as permanent failure...but we should look at it as a opening to a new beginning. Am i making sense?

All that I am trying to say is that...We dont know what will happen in the future.. no matter how calculative we are with risks and all that sort of things in life.

Some of us make very 'good' decisions...but in the end, it ends badly. Some of us plans the future clearly, but it ends bad.

Some of us make 'bad' decisiosns...but in the end, it works out well for them.

While there are others who make not 'bad' decisions, just 'unclear' decisions.. where the pathways after the decision is made remains blurry.., but we stick by it anyway..and sometimes something good will come out of it.

In the end, we never know what God have in store for, we just have to have faith and besyukur with things that comes our way and hope for the best out of it.

So, Im just here to be thankful of all the good and bad things that had happened to me all this time. And may there be more good stuffs coming my way soon and in the future. AMin!!

p/s: 87 days before the submission of my dissertation. Goodluck to Ida, Nadiah and Kak will all be over soon. :)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to my melating sister Sophia

Wishing you all the best and hope you'll pass your 'O' Levels brilliantly and start your college life in a few months time..;)

Lots of love xxx
Big congrats

TO Rina - For delivering a healthy baby unknown yet...;p.. Unfortunately, I dont have any pictures during our MD years in my laptop. But Congrats to you and me pics soon :)

TO Rita - For delivering a healthy baby girl called Hazel...congrats to u and Lekan :)