Sunday, July 15, 2007

He must be the weirdest guy of the month in Cantebury!! ;p

After I found what I was looking for earlier, I decided to have 'me time' at Starbucks. And I saw the guy above...First impression when I saw him masuk starbucks was...'eh, panas eh boots nya can he wear that on such a hot day'..

Then as he was queueing he was humming this song (i cant figure it out though)..then he decided to sit outside again before walking in..humming..and finally bought a raspberry frappucino.

He is one weird guy who entertained me..and possibly a few others.

As he sat outside, he took out a doll and a soft toy (a lil puppy) and his small trumpet out of his bag and arrange it on the table. When people passed by, he talked to them..though im not sure if people understood him as they just walked past him. And when this bunch of kids passed him, he took his soft toy and said 'Wuff! Wuff!'..hahaha... coincidentally one of the kids had a puppy she showed off hers to him and said Wuff Wuff in return. It made me and a few others smile.

And whenever a car passed by...he will blow his trumpet..often caught passerbys by surprise..haha..lain yang di trumpet nya...lain yang

Of course I couldnt resist it but to stop and take his picture before I went off. So, maybe that is the highlight of my quiet Sunday...;p

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