Monday, October 23, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
to everyone near and far
Maaf Zahir Batin

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Had my first mocha ice blended topped with chocolate from Starbucks for sungkai yesterday..the feeling was amazing. I cant believed that I've actually missed drinking mocha that much. And I cant wait for ramadhan to be that I can drink it atleast twice a week ... :)

Anyway, after Starbucks we decide to wait till buka puasa and sungkai at the Kebab Shop. It was nyaman!! And surprisingly the sungkai time that they have are very different from the ones we got from the Islamic was a difference of 10 mins i not so sure. SO since we are eating there, we decide to ikut their sungkai time which was not a problem coz once sungkai, the taste of the kebab and the mocha make it worth the waiting..hehe..

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A late update of the sungkai we had with Idot :)

Anyway, this is a late update of the sungkai we had when Idot spent her weekend with us at Kent. hehe.

To the family, U KNOW the REAL MOTIVE of this particular enjoy..hehehe...

This particular post is all about pictures...hehe.. coz I believe it SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS ;p So, enjoy... and for the rest of u who doesnt understand, its ok..just enjoy looking at all the nyaman food... im hungry now!!


Idot: mengupas bawang

Dora: bersihkan pusu

Me: memotong ayam Wafi: Goreng Pusu


All of us waiting for sungkai...minus me behind the camera..and another friend alum sampai..


Dora...Me....and Zul

Zul...happy with his choice of words....

OK people, thats all for now. I hope you enjoy the brief update about our belated sungkai...:).. Maybe the next time we should have AYAM CURRY... Dot, give me so kelaparan here... and anyone who knows how to do a very nyaman SAMBAL PUSU...please send me the recipe...I only have the basic idea of how to cook it...but i want it to be perfect coz terseliur banar.. ok then, till next then. Luv u all...

Finally..the searching is over!! :)

Finally I've found a bed to sleep on, a room to unpack my luggage and start concentrating on my uni n social life..:)..well, its not that dramamtic..but saja..hehe.

I'm sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with a Bruneian girl called Nadia. I've been sleeping over there since last Saturday and finally decided yesterday that I am going to stick there :) So to my familyz, you wont be hearing anymore complaints about the house agent..hehe..except that they were not pleased when I told them yesterday that I am not going to stay at St. Peter's Grove... but biar tia, as long as they dont do me headache for the next 12 mths..:) and now I am still waiting for them to return my £££... hmm.

This new place of mine is called Lavender Mews... its still at the City Centre...and i think its nearer to the bus no problem going there every morning :) and yay!! I have a housemate now ;)... I'm glad its all settled.

And the nearest halal place is just 5mins bee, when ure here and lapar mlm mlm...we can go there to eat...tapi only if u terseliur kebab ;)

So i guess, its all good now :)

Suddenly last week..when I was on the verge of giving up, there were choices of place to stay. I was like dari mana tia all these was not there before. But it was good!!

Last Saturday, when with a Spanish guy called Jose and viewed a house that we really like at Blean. It was a proper negihbourhood with the fruit shop and all..and if we cycled entah berapa jauh, we will reach the seaside.. so the experience was good and I had fun talking to him. atleast someone to keep my mind off the uphill that we had to 'climb up' to reach the house..haha...

If i were to live in that house, I would have a wooden double bed and all this nice wooden furniture for a very cheap price... after calculating it would be around £220 per mth excluding bills. I was like wow!! thats amazing..compared to £285 excluding bills with the agent.

Too bad..the state of the house was teruk!! the tiles were not in place, the almari in the kitchen was broken..etc etc etc...i think the previous tenant abused the it will takes us weeks if we want to move in...thats too long for my liking coz i need to consider my priorities... to read n get started. hmm.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Especially for Kak Nana :)

This blog is especially for kak nana coz this is going to be all about lizards..hehe..well there will be a few snakes as well just to add more taste to it. Enjoy as much as I did during my visit to this shop. I was giggling taking pics of these coz it remind me so much of the screams and heart racing experiences kak nana had everyday going up the stairs to the flat especially during the night time :)

This is the shop with the interesting reptiles.. :) Unfortunately, not all of the aquarium was filled in as they are still waiting for more. Would have been more fun ;p

Take a look at these two wonderful lizards. The one looking my way got 'excited'... he (assuming its a he..) went to the glass after this pic... but the vision was too blur to take a pic of that.

.......Brilliant poses........

Look at the picture below...macam di Jurassic Park!! hehehe

If i remember correctly, the animal in the picture below is called a gecko!!

LOOK at the length of the tail...impressive ah!! I really think I'm doing the wrong course here... maybe I should take a course studying animals... maybe zoology or something like that..hehe..


I'd love to hold the orange-white snake... its lawa!! but only if they can guarantee that the snake wont bite!! :)

Ok guys, I think thats the last pic for the blog. The rest inda payah....Ive chosen the good ones already for kak nana... kak, i want ur feedback...mana tau ada nightmare after this. and the others too. hehehe. And ya, i know u hate snakes...but dont you think these are pretty??

Anyway, enjoy u guys...and if u didnt enjoy it, what to do!! U choose to view it..hehe ;)
Housing Agent!!

In one word, ANNOYING!! I can't believe I'm still homeless till now... thanks to Dora and Wafi... what would i do without them here...i have no idea!!

Its gona be 3 weeks soon since I've arrived in UK and today is my 11th day since Ive paid the housing agent to secure my room off the market and get things done for me. It should theoretically take 5 days maximum to complete all the paperwork...but I dont know what is taking them a long time to do it.

I've been 'visiting' them nearly everyday...but I think today I had enough of them. They made me wait for a long time before they actually get to me.... then when the guy was talking to my mum on my mobile...he got a call on his mobile, told my mum to wait..then he switched off the phone and cut off my mum.. hmm.. can you just imagine how marah my mum was.. haha.. she was annoyed and plans to give them a piece of her mind when she visit me here.

Then on top of that, I was asking them about the change of guarantor. According to them, its the guarantor bit that slowed down this I asked them what if I ask the Uni to be my guarantor..they said many students buat i thot, that should be easy then. So I ask them to prepare the info that the Uni usually needs. Then they gave me a letter that the uni had forwarded to them for another girl as a sample.

I was like huh?!!... This is what the uni will give you nanti...what abt the paper from ur side...what do u have to give the uni... then they gave me a sample of the tenant agreement. I was like bangang...I know its wrong, but thought they know better since they are the agent. Then upon arrival to the Uni hospitality, they said that is not what they need. bla bla... so I said thats it...i dont want to deal with the agent again. I will search for another place. Biar tia eh if they dont want to refund my money!! but lets hope they do!!

So, found a place online and tomorrow I am viewing a new room that I got off the internet few hours ago. Its a 2 bedroom flat with this person who is teaching drama n arts at the University. I don't know where the place is..its called Clock Tower Parade or something like that...I dont know how far is it from uni...the size of the room etc etc..but lets hope all is within the reasonable distance and size. I am meeting him tomorrow evening at the Uni to view the house. Will update more soon. Pray for me :)