Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Housing Agent!!

In one word, ANNOYING!! I can't believe I'm still homeless till now... thanks to Dora and Wafi... what would i do without them here...i have no idea!!

Its gona be 3 weeks soon since I've arrived in UK and today is my 11th day since Ive paid the housing agent to secure my room off the market and get things done for me. It should theoretically take 5 days maximum to complete all the paperwork...but I dont know what is taking them a long time to do it.

I've been 'visiting' them nearly everyday...but I think today I had enough of them. They made me wait for a long time before they actually get to me.... then when the guy was talking to my mum on my mobile...he got a call on his mobile, told my mum to wait..then he switched off the phone and cut off my mum.. hmm.. can you just imagine how marah my mum was.. haha.. she was annoyed and plans to give them a piece of her mind when she visit me here.

Then on top of that, I was asking them about the change of guarantor. According to them, its the guarantor bit that slowed down this process..so I asked them what if I ask the Uni to be my guarantor..they said many students buat cematu..so i thot, that should be easy then. So I ask them to prepare the info that the Uni usually needs. Then they gave me a letter that the uni had forwarded to them for another girl as a sample.

I was like huh?!!... This is what the uni will give you nanti...what abt the paper from ur side...what do u have to give the uni... then they gave me a sample of the tenant agreement. I was like bangang...I know its wrong, but thought they know better since they are the agent. Then upon arrival to the Uni hospitality, they said that is not what they need. bla bla... so I said thats it...i dont want to deal with the agent again. I will search for another place. Biar tia eh if they dont want to refund my money!! but lets hope they do!!

So, found a place online and tomorrow I am viewing a new room that I got off the internet few hours ago. Its a 2 bedroom flat with this person who is teaching drama n arts at the University. I don't know where the place is..its called Clock Tower Parade or something like that...I dont know how far is it from uni...the size of the room etc etc..but lets hope all is within the reasonable distance and size. I am meeting him tomorrow evening at the Uni to view the house. Will update more soon. Pray for me :)

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