Friday, September 29, 2006

Just something to share :)

Canterbury City Centre

There are a lot of things to see at the City Centre if you make time to do so. I had a very quiet, peaceful and interesting day last Saturday when I decided to go to the City Centre and explore it...and here I have some photos to share :)

This pic above is one of the nice view at the City Cenre..if im not mistaken...the beautiful dark brown building is the Information Centre .

And opposite of this building...where you can see the green stuff to the right of the picture above is...........


I've drank my raspberry on my second day in London... yummy!!

Next to Starbucks is the famous Canterbury Cathedral.. i think belong to the Anglican or sth like that.

On the day I 'explored' the City...there were quite a lot of people queueing inside to take a tour round it.

Unfortunately, I've missed my chance for the free tour during the Orientation... thanks to the Accomodation Office. But hopefully will tour it before the end of my course at the university.


Sorry for the imperfect picture of one of the Canterbury Cathedral..haha...didnt realize its 'biyut' rupanya. haha.

And as you can see below, there are also shops that will capture the interest of the modern and sophisticated yet domesticated women... ;p

This is a shop called J.E.M.S ...and it is where all the cross-stitches, strings of different sixe, texture and colours are sold...from green to blue to brown to whatever. Besides cross stitch, they also sell hand made sweater, scraves, etc...oh, and floor mat...just like the ones Aunty and I were taught to do arah the class jahitan every Friday morning last year (the colourful one..if anyone remembers).

And they also give services to fix ur sewing machine and you can also ask help on how to do or sew things. If im not mistaken, they also sell small coloured beads to be made into a bracelet or necklace etc. Pokoknya, they manage to put in alot of barang into this small shop...:)

And the pic below is the Tapestry Shop (the one with the red label). There are amazingly lots of gorgeous tapestries displayed on the shelf. Ada tablecloth, cushions, one of those that can be hang or pinned to the wall. And on that day, most of the items was on sale up to 50%... but the cheapest was 55 pounds.

This shop is kewl bcoz the owner is a Brazilian man.. he must be around his late 40s but you can tell he was once a handsome lad coz even now, in his old age he still looks good..apart from the parut and beard..haha... but the most catchy part is his accent...its just so lawa... makes u just want to browse around longer...hahahaha...capi!! ;)

Kak meng, this is Winnie the Pooh Shop... if kakak masuk, there will definitely more than 5 items you would want to buy..haha.. I dont even know where to start looking the other day. Must be coz Im already tired. ;)

Its just a small shop... inside there are loads soft toys...not only Winnie the Pooh, but ada jua c Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Owl, Rabbit..etc...ada bookmark, cards, if im not mistaken stickers...etc..macam promotion pulang saya ani..haha.

And kak nana, the next post I'm going to make is all for you..hehe.. so braise yourself. Inda pulang banyak the pics that I took for you, but I guess its sufficient enough to make you 'bekirik' in your sleep...hehehe...

Ok then, I think thats all for now. I want to eat sahur and go to sleep.Plans for tomorrow is to nag the Housing Agent when can I move in.. I want to be in my new room before next weeks lecture starts... there are already a lot of things needed to be read.. and i need to settle down before the workload starts to suffocate me ;)

Takecare all - hugs -

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Kay said...

Hey Sel...

You gotta enjoy those Starbucks Frap Coffee, it's good...Well' the worst thing is " Every 3 block up and down off wher I live and work..there is one Starbucks ".

Take Good Care, Cheers always!!