Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Things discovered around Kent City Centre

Last Saturday...23rd Sept...was feeling bored and jobless. And since I'm going to move in into a room at the City Centre I've decided to explore Canterbury City Centre to check it out and see where i can buy things for my new lil room :)

There are shops that I find interesting and would like to visit again soon...while the others are places that I can live without..:)

I found a shop selling benang... cross stitch and all these things thats related to sewing and knitting..and another shop selling kak meng, kak mel ...i know u guys are interested in these...will hopefully post some pics soon.. and do inform aunty as well that the kadais here are full of all these although i wont know what to buy..haha...theres just too many of it and u guys know how i get so paning looking at all these...:)

I've also found Starbucks bee..theres two of at the City Centre and the other one at Sainsbury..hehe..

And I am sure I will get lost when we try to find it nanti when ure here...but I will try to give it a second round before u arrive..hehe..

And kak meng, I've found a shop called Winnie the Pooh...and everything inside is all about her..haha... kewl ler... I've taken some pics of these as well..but I will only post it nanti ah...hehe.. now the pics are not ready to be downloaded.

And kak nana, as I've informed you the other day...I've taken pics of lizards at a pet shop...its big and ugly...atu saya pun inda berani pegang..haha...and I will definitely post it for the fun of it...hehe...

And ya, i saw many nice house stuffs here...although u know I won't be bringing any of it home...but might take few pics of it when i get the chance :)

Ok then, thats all for now. I am typing to make myself sleepy....unfortunately its not i guess i better sign off and try resting on my bed..hehe...

Bye people and there will be more updates soon



RSHA said...

lin... FYI winnie the pooh is a gurl, so please address her as a HER not HIM hehehehehe :) nda ko tao kan slama anie lesbos with c pooh. :)

Padian said...

hmmm... I still dont have $$$ to buy a laptop, so can only check my mails and blog in the clinic, atu pun if and when i have the time... sigh...

I can't wait to afford a laptop :P

have fun in Kent... sounds like a kampung i like to be in :)

reachingout said...

haha...opps...typo mistake... ok, will edit it later..;)

kak mel, i do hope u will have more $$ to buy a laptop soon. coz kaka yg selalu nya rajin blogging. hehe. atleast when i dont feel like it, i have blogs to read..:)