Saturday, February 20, 2010


I wonder how such a small office can be so chaotic and messed up? It all started with a story from A..then B wanting to validate the story and then C found out about the story and confronted A and B...then kaboom!!!!

There are of course many more...and I choose not to talk about it.

Maybe being at the Ministry was a mistake from the start.

I saw all the signs from the start but I thought it would be better if I give it time..but I should have listen to my instincts!!!

but then again..who knows..maybe theres a silver lining.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Randomness II - When I was younger......

...I was told that drinking soya bean will make you putih. haha. not that I believe it. Coca Cola is still the best ;)

...I was told that if I didnt finish up my rice...even if tinggal one or two only on my plate...the rice will cry and it will leave scars on my Though as a kid its not logical to me, but i finish it all coz I was scared of scars lubang lubang on my face. lol.

...There use to be this boy  from Pakistan who sits next to me di St George. I use to bug him because when we write notes from the 'blackboard', our elbow use to bump into each other since hes right handed and im left handed...and his immediate response used to be 'AIDS!! AIDS!!' (while he touched his elbow and konon nya 'brushing off' the AIDS to the floor. How annoying is that?? haha.

...I enjoyed skipping before partner was Hjh Latifah. Once ada this Korean parents sending their son to class while we were skipping. They stopped and took our pic while we skipped. I thought that was cool!

...I was given my first kitten by Mrs Raja. It was black and white and I named him Manja. grandma used to wake me up every morning to buy breakfast at the canteen di bawah. Bingka susu and pulut panggang..nice.

...I use to go to the beach with my bro and parents. My dad will go to the jungle, mum would get her dosage of 'sunburnt'..while my bro and I will play float and pirate in the water.

hmm...all the memories. so nice. 

  • One out of every four kids in Brunei is obese. omg.
  • Sometimes the religious ones has the most dirtiest mind. No offense.
  • Green is a nice calming colour and red is hot.
  • I miss going to Uni.
  • Not a big fan of the 10 o'clock drink break.
  • Which is better...clips or stapler? hmm..
thats all for now.


Monday, February 08, 2010

If only you cared to share and ask beforehand if I would like to...

dont like being taken for granted.


Im back to work...huhuhu. Something doesnt feel right. Perhaps..maybe...(thoughts kept to self..;p)

Anyway, just been given work to be finish up and submit by tomorrow. So I guess I will work on it today and hopefully finish it by 4.30. Amin!!

Atleast I can do my other work or just rest tonight at home. lol.

Ohh...that reminds me...I have to make a call. My night classes should already start last week...let me check my classes.

update soon