Monday, October 18, 2010

Here I am in KL...

resting on the bed...watching tv and typing away =)

I  have finished my needs editing and all that...

but apparently, I wont be any presentation cause there s no slot for NBD.


I was looking forward to do it but I was not prepared.

Hence this situation works for me =)


anywy, the hotel is not too bad. the room is simple and nice...and i love the bathroom.

when i googled, i thought the hotel looks far from the shops...but rupanya, its next to the Pavilion.

lol...thats greatv =)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


time to breathe and concentrate on my own paper.

Submitting my paper on Saturday morning for 'editing and refining'

Apparently I am flying on Monday.

Presentation will be on Wednesday.

Will be back on Friday.

Wish me luck as my public speaking skills is quite crappy.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Typed on the 6 October

Work can get a bit too much to handle sometimes. Plans get messed up and extra work gets to be dumped at the officers. Extra work is fine but unnecessary work and fuss over nothing is not welcomed.

Today has been an unproductive day for me in terms of translating my thoughts on paper and finishing up my essay. I’m simply not inspired to do work…I know it can be seen as unprofessional but that’s the reality of life…..that’s how I feel.

I have an important paper to finish up however, to accommodate ‘the others’, I have to postpone my paper and work on papers for ‘the others’. Sometimes I find it annoying when ‘the others’ think that there is not already enough work being done currently….whereas in reality, we (the two of us) are doing work like theres 10 of us here.

That said; I do know others whose schedule is more hectic than mine. I should not really complain but, I find it annoying and it really gets to me sometimes. They failed to realize that my colleague and I are exhausted and are not focus due to all this random workload being dumped on our table. I think I have lost interest in doing my work, though I do get the work done.

Yes, it is true that work puts money in the pocket….food on the table…a roof on top of our head…a comfy car to get us to our destination and all that. But, at the end of the day, many fail to see that WORK IS NOT EVERYTHING. There are more important things to do in life than WORK.

All the drama and chaos are unnecessary especially when most of the extra work and long hours put in are the result of last minute decisions taken up by ‘the others’.

That said; there is nothing much I can do for now. I can only hope that they will soon have a proper time and decision management to give us ample time to breathe and do work at the same time.