Friday, January 29, 2010

Trip to KK

Our hotel - newly week old.

Told the driver our hotel is 'Le Hotel'..he said 'Le Meridian le tu'..I said bukan. But he insisted so I thought  yea, mana saja lah. Then he said 'itu 5 star hotel'..then Im like...oh no!! salah tah nie. HaHa. Luckily I saw the hotel sign earlier and its just across the road from Le Meridian.

We let the driver send us to Le Meridian and later we made our way to Warisan Square...and the hotel is on the 3rd floor..;) Found out later that it has just opened. bed, new room, new everything..;p..and since it is not a 5 star hotel, its a perfect location and price for those on budget.

Our first stop for dinner =)

And later that night, we hang out at Starbucks. Forgot to take pics that night. Lol.

The Chicken Rice Shop - our lunch ritual =)

Since we don't do breakfast, this is where we have our proper meal. Located just below our hotel.
The rice is smell and taste nice!! Look below :)

My room's view...

More pics soon (if rajin) =p


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boo!! Today is my second day back to work and there is already so many things to do. Had to attend a meeting so early in the morning talking about Balance Scorecard and ways of managing others 'individually' and as a 'department' efficiently. All this hype about having KPI and meeting targets etc.

Sometimes, I think it looks like a good attempt to 'manage' the test whether the system see ways to improve the working environment..etc...however, sometimes I think it is a waste of time. It adds up to the the already 'overloaded' work...and sometimes I can't be bothered thinking about it.

However, having said that, I do intend to put my perception aside and just go on with it and try to see it through to its completion. I intend to put my 'negativity' aside and try to be more professional.

Of course I realize that this will be a challenging task..and there will be days when my negativity will 'dominate' me...however, that's my aim for 2010. Insyallah.

Anyway, its m off to bed.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Holiday-ing :)

After nearly 21 months of working..I finally get to enjoy my first mandatory leave...yayy to me :)

One week is gone and now one week left...I havent been doing much except 4 hrs trip to Miri, 3 days di Kuala Belait and the rest of the time di Limau Manis :)...hence, tomorrow I'll be off to KK for 4 days.

I just plan to chill and relax without doing much shopping..which I think is a wise thing to do since I like to believe that I am on a 'budget holiday'..;p and my ankle is still semi-swollen as I sprained it last week. hehe. I thought it would be better by now. but today as I was out with Ms Y for a few hours..I felt it tightening and a bit lets hope I will be able to walk around to cuci mata..hehehe.

Anyway, I managed to booked a hotel along the waterfront and it only cost me not more than B$300 for 4 nights and 5 days..I think thats a good deal. Perhaps its a budget hotel since it has no WiFi and its not inclusive of breakfast..which isnt a problem for me as I dont really eat breakfast anyways..hehe..lets hope the hotel isnt too bad.

One thing for sure is that I plan to go snorkeling..however, it all depends on the weather. Hopefully the weather permits..Fingers cross!!


p/s: It is now 2.48 am (19 Jan) however the timing shown below this post is different..anyone knows how to reset it?? I cant seem to do it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

We Are Fortunate

Snapshots of random cases

Case 1 - between Me and W

ME : Karang pukul 2 kita bawa Ms. A ke Brunei Museum, Alat Alat Kebesaran dan Kg Ayer ah.

W : Muzium tau tu ku tapi apa kan Alat Alat Kebesaran ani? Di mana tu ah?

Even after sketching W a proper map with detailed markings pun W got lost driving.
I had to give me instruction (over the phone) while W drives.

Case 2 - between Me and X

ME: Karang patang kita bawa saya and Ms. B ke Bumbungan Dua Belas ah..

X : Dimana tu ah?

Once we arrive, oh...ada rupanya bangunan di sini ani.

Case 3 - between Me and Y

ME: Karang pukul 7 kita ambil kedia and bawa ia ke Centrepoint ah.

Y: Centrepoint? Dimana tu ah? Inda ku tau tu.

ME: Di gadong..sebelah hypermart

Y: Eh, takut tu sasat eh. Hypermart ani dimana?

I later found out that he only knows the place as Jaya as in Jaya Hypermart.


Initially, I was surprised, wondered and can a Bruneian not know what and where is the Royal Regalia?
And where is Centrepoint/Hypermart? Where Bumbungan Dua Belas is?...and this is only a few of the cases...

While I explained and drew the map (and yes, my map is correct..;p)..I really stressed to them how important it is to know the location of all these places and where to park...I mean how can u not know that theres parking spaces across the Royal Regalia???

Initially, in my head, I was like...'Astaga, cemana nie durang inda tau ani?' Inda kan inda tau???

Later on, once everything is done and as I lay my head on the pillow waiting to doze off...I reflected upon everyting that had happened during the day...

I find myself feeling can one not know the basic information and location of your own country? I mean its a different case if youre ignorant and if you forgot, but if you dont know...thats a different thing. my heart goes out to them.

We are fortunate. Sometimes I realized that unintentioanlly I can be selfish and take things for granted.
I forgot that not everyone is bless and as fortunate as others.
I forgot some are more blessed than others...while some have to learned the hard way.

I've mengusut and nagged about not being able to do get certain things, not able to save up a certain amount of $$ etc etc etc...but how about the others..who are less blessed and less fortunate?

How about those who have to survive with $500 a month while for others that is the amount they are paying for their car on a monthly basis..or to fulfill their hobbies / interest.

How about the people who are not able to be choosy and picky about what they eat because that is all they can afford?

How about families to have to stay and survive in very small, packed spaces while there are other families who enjoy more spaces than they can ever use sufficiently??

Well, this is just a reminder to self.

For me not to complain about life soo much when there are others who are far less fortunate

For me not to take things for granted

For me not to lose sight of things

For me to stay 'down-to earth' and nto be selfish

and for me not to judge others based on what they dont know.

These are all simple things in life..but it is very important and will make a huge difference.

Whether or not we are less or more fortunate than others, lets pray that we will see pass those differences and be given the strength to withstand challenges that comes our way. Amin!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Its been a good day :)

  • I woke up at 10am.
  • cleaned the room
  • swept the house
  • did laundry

I should say doing housechores have been quite relaxing and refreshing especially when im not rushing against time and everyone around were relaxed :)

I even take the time and effort to straighten my hair...only to be spoiled by the went freezy again. so I thought ok lah, alang I just went to unload the rubbish (i was initially planning to wait till the rain to stop).

Anyway, had late lunch di Swensen with my beau and had a relaxing conversation.

Went to qlap to buat jeans (finally!!) I remembered my last jeans tore during rehearsal for Ibu's 60th birthday...hahaha.

And what else can u do when its raining except cruising around and thats exactly what we did..:)

I finally, had a glimpse of the Mangrove Paradise Resort. it doesnt look too bad. On the way in, I could see the fish farm where people can go fishing. The resort was all lit up and I could say there were more than 15 cars at the parking lot.

Should try the food there next time.

And I also got a surprise from the beau. I got a rose :) Its been ages since I received one...I love it ;p

-the end-


Tuesday, January 12, 2010