Monday, January 18, 2010

Holiday-ing :)

After nearly 21 months of working..I finally get to enjoy my first mandatory leave...yayy to me :)

One week is gone and now one week left...I havent been doing much except 4 hrs trip to Miri, 3 days di Kuala Belait and the rest of the time di Limau Manis :)...hence, tomorrow I'll be off to KK for 4 days.

I just plan to chill and relax without doing much shopping..which I think is a wise thing to do since I like to believe that I am on a 'budget holiday'..;p and my ankle is still semi-swollen as I sprained it last week. hehe. I thought it would be better by now. but today as I was out with Ms Y for a few hours..I felt it tightening and a bit lets hope I will be able to walk around to cuci mata..hehehe.

Anyway, I managed to booked a hotel along the waterfront and it only cost me not more than B$300 for 4 nights and 5 days..I think thats a good deal. Perhaps its a budget hotel since it has no WiFi and its not inclusive of breakfast..which isnt a problem for me as I dont really eat breakfast anyways..hehe..lets hope the hotel isnt too bad.

One thing for sure is that I plan to go snorkeling..however, it all depends on the weather. Hopefully the weather permits..Fingers cross!!


p/s: It is now 2.48 am (19 Jan) however the timing shown below this post is different..anyone knows how to reset it?? I cant seem to do it.


The World According to Twinkle said...

My pen and pencil are waiting...if only you submit to my treatment, you are already jogging to KK. Have fun Raooo. XX

~* Serene *~ said...

Yay for holidays!!! Hope you have a great time (definitely go snorkeling - it's fun, it's a way to escape the heat, and it's low impact on your ankle ;p) x