Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boo!! Today is my second day back to work and there is already so many things to do. Had to attend a meeting so early in the morning talking about Balance Scorecard and ways of managing others 'individually' and as a 'department' efficiently. All this hype about having KPI and meeting targets etc.

Sometimes, I think it looks like a good attempt to 'manage' the workload...to test whether the system works...to see ways to improve the working environment..etc...however, sometimes I think it is a waste of time. It adds up to the workload...to the already 'overloaded' work...and sometimes I can't be bothered thinking about it.

However, having said that, I do intend to put my perception aside and just go on with it and try to see it through to its completion. I intend to put my 'negativity' aside and try to be more professional.

Of course I realize that this will be a challenging task..and there will be days when my negativity will 'dominate' me...however, that's my aim for 2010. Insyallah.

Anyway, its late..so m off to bed.


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