Friday, January 29, 2010

Trip to KK

Our hotel - newly week old.

Told the driver our hotel is 'Le Hotel'..he said 'Le Meridian le tu'..I said bukan. But he insisted so I thought  yea, mana saja lah. Then he said 'itu 5 star hotel'..then Im like...oh no!! salah tah nie. HaHa. Luckily I saw the hotel sign earlier and its just across the road from Le Meridian.

We let the driver send us to Le Meridian and later we made our way to Warisan Square...and the hotel is on the 3rd floor..;) Found out later that it has just opened. bed, new room, new everything..;p..and since it is not a 5 star hotel, its a perfect location and price for those on budget.

Our first stop for dinner =)

And later that night, we hang out at Starbucks. Forgot to take pics that night. Lol.

The Chicken Rice Shop - our lunch ritual =)

Since we don't do breakfast, this is where we have our proper meal. Located just below our hotel.
The rice is smell and taste nice!! Look below :)

My room's view...

More pics soon (if rajin) =p


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