Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Weekend update!!

- hectic

-went to London to meet up with Leng and slept at the Thistle Hotel di MarbleArch. not bad..big room!!

- purse got stolen together with my I/C, atm cards, brunei simcard and pics between Victoria and Paddington Tube Station. Cant believe it happened to me...as I was consciously telling myself before that, that i better keep my purse in my beg and i consciously place my purse into my beg and zip it up!

- first time breakfast di Malaysian Hall - ate nasi lemak and drank teh tarik. It was good. And kana belanja..hehehe..

-had a brilliant time with Idot walking around London sampai our kaki ngalih. Had lunch di Mawar restaurant, drank acai with bananas and all that sorts... worked well for idot's bowel sys..hehe.. but too bad my camera inda berapa work if sudah gelap..so no pics. but the xmas lights was gorgeous.

-Will save up to buy a new camera by next term :)

- arrived back to Kent feeling ngalih and exhausted. Slept well and didnt even wana wake up for lecture the next day. hehe.

- Thats all for now. Bye.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Opps!! Ive been 'amai-ing' my blog to upgrade it into this beta blogger or something like that...and Ive lost my tagboard and the clock.

And i tried to read through the html / template and download a new tagboard but unfortunately this proves to be more difficult than the previous one. I cant seem to comprehend the whole text of 'programme' or whatever u call it. hmm.

Thus, I will remain without the clock and the tagboard for the time being until Im 'jobless' enough to re-read and melawakan my blog ok. Volunteers who are jobless are of course welcome. hehehe.

Anyway, Ive been quite buzy with my reading and essays. Reading has been very slow and by the time i sadar, im overflooded with information that i dont know how to start typing. And after a very very very slow start, Ive done nearly one essay last night. But then, there are still more essays seperti biasa. But it is a good start...:)

Aim is to finish one essay by Friday and wrap up my presentation for week 12. And next monday proceed with my new essay and then another one.

Im talking nonsense right now because I dont have anything that I want to update today. So i guess I'll just go off now and will update more intersting ones soon. :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Random pics
Nadz (my housemate), me, reza, rabz, nisa and atek (duno how to spell his name..hehe) - Our nice out watching SAW III - there are more bru n msians joined to watch the movie tho
Kak Martina, me, Limin and Nadz during open house arah Kak May

The 2nd day raya i think...open house at our place..pics with the 'Weekenders' ;p

Limin and I - dua dua pun vain kan mau lawa begambar..hehe...jgn marah limin

This pic was taken during puasa..one of the sungkai together with a few friends :)

Open house - 2nd day raya at our place -

Faizin n I enjoying our food arah Kak May's open house...cooked by the husband..hehe.. yummy!!

Pics taken after a long ride from Bolton to Canterbury

Me, Sophia (my sis) and Mum

Sophia and I posing :)

Dylan, Me and Ellis

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

During my younger years, I used to be so OBSESS pasal horoscopes, dream interpretation etc. Nearly every year I will buy myself or kana belikan buku abt horoscope and I LOVE this woman called TERI KING simply because most of her readings macam ada coincidence.

I dont believe in it 100% but with Teri King..most of her predictions are correct. Try buying one and do not read it till the end of the day and countercheck if whatever happened to u today...ada in one way or another indicated in the daily predictions.

Anyway, I think its been 2 years or 3 years since the last time I bought it for myself. Thats one of my hobbies that I'm trying to stop simply because I don't want to indulge myself in it...takut takut if I made myself believe that whatever written in it are really happening to me. So once in a while when I go to Booker or Best Eastern di Brunei, I will peep (I cant deny that) and have a quick read but I'll try to resist the temptation of owning one.

Anyway, the point is...since I've arrived here...I haven't peeped into any horoscope books till today I went online and check it out due to boredom. So i guess its better to share the page with everyone and see how many of you think that whatever characterise the Taurus can be seen in me...:)

The Earthy Taurus Character

Taurus: THE BULL is the sign of the builder, and the earth we stand onTaureans are extremely faithful, with a strong need for security and a settled routine. Although they are very earthy, they can also be highly romantic and sensitive when it comes to love.

The bright side
Taurus has a patient, grounded and reliable personality. People know where they are with a Taurean, unless they go too far! The Taurean is also warm and sensual, with an appreciation of the fine things in life.
Taurus is motivated by a need for security, this sign is good for business matters and can be trusted to carry things through with absolute care. As an earth sign Taurus values the environment and will do everything possible to preserve it, even if that only extends to their immediate surroundings.

Practical, reliable, patient, persistent, solid, determined, industrious, strong willed, sensuous, affectionate, warm hearted, trustworthy.
The dark side
Unfortunately the Taurean personality can be so committed to self preservation and so cautious in their approach to matters that they can become tedious and boring! Many people seem prepared to brave this tedious behaviour for an evening of fine food and wine that will always appear at Taurean dinner parties.
Taureans at their best are typically strong and silent, but often appear ignorant and wilfully obstinate to others.
Lazy, possessive, self-indulgent, dull, inflexible, unoriginal, unimaginative, greedy, stubborn, resentful, hidebound by routine.

Earache, goitres, gout, laryngitis, obesity, tonsillitis, swollen neck glands, throat inflammations, constipation.

Beneficial foods
Beans and celery.

Most compatible with:
Leo - extremely loving.
Taurus - well suited.
Capricorn - terrific.Pisces - charming.

Absolutely no chance!
Gemini - not a success.
Sagittarius - very rocky.
Aquarius - too stubborn.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Random pics from my pendrive that I enjoy looking at :)

Jaxs and I at the Airport last September
Meeting Michael for the first time since I've arrived

Me, Michael (my bro) and bee at Victoria Station - baru sampai from Canterbury

Random pic taken while I was on the phone with mum

During my visit to Bolton

Nanna (my grandma) and I

Ken (my grandpa) and I

There are more pics to show..but these are the ones that I have with me on my pendrive now. So will see when Im able to get the rest of the pics posted on the blog. :)


Finally, after weeks of planning to bangun awal for breakfast..Nadia (my housemate) n I went for a proper breakfast this morning.

My alarm went off at 8 but I stayed in bed till Nadia called my name 10mins after.hehe. so typical of me.

So we went to this nice looking restaurant and had a proper English breakfast....Toast, mushroom, hash brown, tomatoes and baked beans.. it was nice. :)

And we had a long chat about random things...nothing better than a quiet breakfast in an empty street and a chit chat to begin the day :)