Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Weekend update!!

- hectic

-went to London to meet up with Leng and slept at the Thistle Hotel di MarbleArch. not bad..big room!!

- purse got stolen together with my I/C, atm cards, brunei simcard and pics between Victoria and Paddington Tube Station. Cant believe it happened to me...as I was consciously telling myself before that, that i better keep my purse in my beg and i consciously place my purse into my beg and zip it up!

- first time breakfast di Malaysian Hall - ate nasi lemak and drank teh tarik. It was good. And kana belanja..hehehe..

-had a brilliant time with Idot walking around London sampai our kaki ngalih. Had lunch di Mawar restaurant, drank acai with bananas and all that sorts... worked well for idot's bowel sys..hehe.. but too bad my camera inda berapa work if sudah gelap..so no pics. but the xmas lights was gorgeous.

-Will save up to buy a new camera by next term :)

- arrived back to Kent feeling ngalih and exhausted. Slept well and didnt even wana wake up for lecture the next day. hehe.

- Thats all for now. Bye.

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