Thursday, November 19, 2009

She saw herself on my laptop

Look at it and continued eating her porridge

Look again and saw herself

Climbed up the sofa

Crawl slowly and closer

still inda puas hati...

move in closer to investigate...

Curiousity is good!!


I am currently attending a 2 weeks course/workshop at the Institute of Leadership, Innovation and Advancement (dont quote me on this but if my memory serves me right, that is what its call) at UBD.

The building is new and nice..has contemporary concept and hopefully it will be well maintain and not be 'run-down' like certain parts of UBD..;p

Theres 80 of us in total and so far its been interesting especially the first two days when we were talking about Leadership. The third and fourth day is so-so as we covered the module on Strategic Thinking.

I am looking forward for Saturday and Monday as the module will be about Financial Management...:) be delivered by one of the lecturers from FBEPS, UBD.

Being here...makes me miss being a student. I wish I can be one...however, work is one of the phases of life we have to go I have to make the best out of it since I don't know how long I will be capable of staying in the workforce - mentally and physically - but hopefully murah rezeki.

Anyway, I wont go on about it. Maybe I will write more about it in my next post..;p


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Begin ur days with coffee...

Nothing beats that...;)


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Why do we have to please everyone..when they dont seem to care to reciprocate and take ur feelings into account?

I dont think I have the answer to this one.

its like...can you do this for me? i said ok.

can you pls take this to bla bla bla? i said ok.

but when it comes to my turn....

can you this for me? ok...(but it never gets done)

get me this pls...ok...but its never there.

it makes it harder for me to rely on people.

I feel that I always care about others feelings...

but when it comes to mine, who cares???

so why do I have to decide on things to please others??

tell me coz i dont understand.


Friday, November 06, 2009

A new beginning???
Working life has not been that great.. a small office with soo many untold stories..unwanted politics..unwelcomed backstabbing.. and the demotivation experience every few months doesnt help either.. and on top of that, I discovered that one of my colleagues has been gossiping about me.. stuffs that are not true of course; however I guess I am 'surviving'.
Perhaps time will 'heal' all..?? hopefully.
Anyway, we have a new girl, our Senior Research Officer (SRO) who will head our unit. She is heavily pregnant and will be with us for atleast three weeks before she goes on her maternity leave.
She is soft spoken and seems interested to know about our role and function in the Ministry. She seem interested to want to hear it from us first before she meets BOSS on Monday. She expressed ideas that are somehow similar to ours (my colleague and I) which is good..and she voice out changes that she might want to introduce once she 'settle down' which will most probably be early next year.
So fingers cross...hopefully things will turn out for the better..and perhaps a new beginning for our unit. Aminnnn!!