Monday, November 13, 2006

Random pics
Nadz (my housemate), me, reza, rabz, nisa and atek (duno how to spell his name..hehe) - Our nice out watching SAW III - there are more bru n msians joined to watch the movie tho
Kak Martina, me, Limin and Nadz during open house arah Kak May

The 2nd day raya i house at our with the 'Weekenders' ;p

Limin and I - dua dua pun vain kan mau lawa begambar..hehe...jgn marah limin

This pic was taken during of the sungkai together with a few friends :)

Open house - 2nd day raya at our place -

Faizin n I enjoying our food arah Kak May's open house...cooked by the husband..hehe.. yummy!!

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FR said...

i keep on forgetting Faizin is in Kent! Hehehe.. Nice pictures Bals!