Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Opps!! Ive been 'amai-ing' my blog to upgrade it into this beta blogger or something like that...and Ive lost my tagboard and the clock.

And i tried to read through the html / template and download a new tagboard but unfortunately this proves to be more difficult than the previous one. I cant seem to comprehend the whole text of 'programme' or whatever u call it. hmm.

Thus, I will remain without the clock and the tagboard for the time being until Im 'jobless' enough to re-read and melawakan my blog ok. Volunteers who are jobless are of course welcome. hehehe.

Anyway, Ive been quite buzy with my reading and essays. Reading has been very slow and by the time i sadar, im overflooded with information that i dont know how to start typing. And after a very very very slow start, Ive done nearly one essay last night. But then, there are still more essays seperti biasa. But it is a good start...:)

Aim is to finish one essay by Friday and wrap up my presentation for week 12. And next monday proceed with my new essay and then another one.

Im talking nonsense right now because I dont have anything that I want to update today. So i guess I'll just go off now and will update more intersting ones soon. :)

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