Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Its been a good day :)

  • I woke up at 10am.
  • cleaned the room
  • swept the house
  • did laundry

I should say doing housechores have been quite relaxing and refreshing especially when im not rushing against time and everyone around were relaxed :)

I even take the time and effort to straighten my hair...only to be spoiled by the went freezy again. so I thought ok lah, alang I just went to unload the rubbish (i was initially planning to wait till the rain to stop).

Anyway, had late lunch di Swensen with my beau and had a relaxing conversation.

Went to qlap to buat jeans (finally!!) I remembered my last jeans tore during rehearsal for Ibu's 60th birthday...hahaha.

And what else can u do when its raining except cruising around and thats exactly what we did..:)

I finally, had a glimpse of the Mangrove Paradise Resort. it doesnt look too bad. On the way in, I could see the fish farm where people can go fishing. The resort was all lit up and I could say there were more than 15 cars at the parking lot.

Should try the food there next time.

And I also got a surprise from the beau. I got a rose :) Its been ages since I received one...I love it ;p

-the end-


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The World According to Twinkle said...

Good entry. Offer of reflexology massage remains. My tools for reflexology are varied and interesting!! hehehe