Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Especially for Kak Nana :)

This blog is especially for kak nana coz this is going to be all about lizards..hehe..well there will be a few snakes as well just to add more taste to it. Enjoy as much as I did during my visit to this shop. I was giggling taking pics of these coz it remind me so much of the screams and heart racing experiences kak nana had everyday going up the stairs to the flat especially during the night time :)

This is the shop with the interesting reptiles.. :) Unfortunately, not all of the aquarium was filled in as they are still waiting for more. Would have been more fun ;p

Take a look at these two wonderful lizards. The one looking my way got 'excited'... he (assuming its a he..) went to the glass after this pic... but the vision was too blur to take a pic of that.

.......Brilliant poses........

Look at the picture below...macam di Jurassic Park!! hehehe

If i remember correctly, the animal in the picture below is called a gecko!!

LOOK at the length of the tail...impressive ah!! I really think I'm doing the wrong course here... maybe I should take a course studying animals... maybe zoology or something like that..hehe..


I'd love to hold the orange-white snake... its lawa!! but only if they can guarantee that the snake wont bite!! :)

Ok guys, I think thats the last pic for the blog. The rest inda payah....Ive chosen the good ones already for kak nana... kak, i want ur feedback...mana tau ada nightmare after this. and the others too. hehehe. And ya, i know u hate snakes...but dont you think these are pretty??

Anyway, enjoy u guys...and if u didnt enjoy it, what to do!! U choose to view it..hehe ;)

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