Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Suddenly last week..when I was on the verge of giving up, there were choices of place to stay. I was like dari mana tia all these houses..it was not there before. But it was good!!

Last Saturday, when with a Spanish guy called Jose and viewed a house that we really like at Blean. It was a proper negihbourhood with the fruit shop and all..and if we cycled entah berapa jauh, we will reach the seaside.. so the experience was good and I had fun talking to him. atleast someone to keep my mind off the uphill that we had to 'climb up' to reach the house..haha...

If i were to live in that house, I would have a wooden double bed and all this nice wooden furniture for a very cheap price... after calculating it would be around £220 per mth excluding bills. I was like wow!! thats amazing..compared to £285 excluding bills with the agent.

Too bad..the state of the house was teruk!! the tiles were not in place, the almari in the kitchen was broken..etc etc etc...i think the previous tenant abused the place..sayang..so it will takes us weeks if we want to move in...thats too long for my liking coz i need to consider my priorities... to read n get started. hmm.

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