Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Finally..the searching is over!! :)

Finally I've found a bed to sleep on, a room to unpack my luggage and start concentrating on my uni n social life..:)..well, its not that dramamtic..but saja..hehe.

I'm sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with a Bruneian girl called Nadia. I've been sleeping over there since last Saturday and finally decided yesterday that I am going to stick there :) So to my familyz, you wont be hearing anymore complaints about the house agent..hehe..except that they were not pleased when I told them yesterday that I am not going to stay at St. Peter's Grove... but biar tia, as long as they dont do me headache for the next 12 mths..:) and now I am still waiting for them to return my £££... hmm.

This new place of mine is called Lavender Mews... its still at the City Centre...and i think its nearer to the bus station..so no problem going there every morning :) and yay!! I have a housemate now ;)... I'm glad its all settled.

And the nearest halal place is just 5mins away...hehe..so bee, when ure here and lapar mlm mlm...we can go there to eat...tapi only if u terseliur kebab ;)

So i guess, its all good now :)

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