Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Current state of mind!!

This is another boring post of how Im bored with my student life here...well, the first part will be more boring than the second part..(i hope);p I dont enjoy my uni here.. those who often meet up with me in canterbury would probably realize that already and might be bored to death listening to me when I do get into those *mood* where the only think that is in my head is..'I should have looked for more unis before'..and 'how buruk my uni is'..correction; 'how buruk my faculty is'. Haha. Ofcourse, others who studies here..some may agree with me..but most might not. But I will still feel the same about this uni.

Anyway, despite not enjoying the uni..I have to say that Canterbury is a very interesting place. With the gorgeous architectural work done on the Cathedral Church..where sometimes you can hear the bells early in the morning, the Westgate Gardens with a small river right in the middle of town..colourful flowers arranged...and Starbucks right next to the entrance of the Cathedral...shops, abandoned castle, wednesdays and fridays market where u can shop for fresh strawberries and cherries..etc etc...Its a small and pretty town with something to look forward to every weekend if you decide to go to town.

Last week, after I got back from Bolton. I decide to walk around town before heading to Tesco to buy a few things for me to munch on. It was not too buzy...but there was this interesting cute dude playing on his saxophone...moving to the left and right..dancing around while people sit on the available benches to watch him. It was soo sexy. I took a video of him on my camera..but unfortunately I could not download it to my laptop coz my laptop cant read any music or video files anymore. Only youtube works..;)Anyway, this is a picture of him...swaying around in the middle of town..;)

Anyway, i guess thats still in my *lazy mode* will write more when I want to type what I wana say...;)

Have fun people..

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