Wednesday, July 04, 2007

....New Beginning....

There's a new beginning for everything...a new beginning doesnt always start with a clear indication or promising us with something good.

Some pathways in life are very blurry and shaky..we are open to choices that we ourselves are unsure of...whether it will make a good beginning or it will be the start of a bad beginning..

But despite all that, we still have to make a choice and face the consequences...and that is how we learn to cope with things in life. Face our fears, take risks and have faith it will all work well. And let faith runs its course. It is the experiences in life that will make us mature, more aware of things and hopefully a better person.

When we fall, we shouldnt take it as permanent failure...but we should look at it as a opening to a new beginning. Am i making sense?

All that I am trying to say is that...We dont know what will happen in the future.. no matter how calculative we are with risks and all that sort of things in life.

Some of us make very 'good' decisions...but in the end, it ends badly. Some of us plans the future clearly, but it ends bad.

Some of us make 'bad' decisiosns...but in the end, it works out well for them.

While there are others who make not 'bad' decisions, just 'unclear' decisions.. where the pathways after the decision is made remains blurry.., but we stick by it anyway..and sometimes something good will come out of it.

In the end, we never know what God have in store for, we just have to have faith and besyukur with things that comes our way and hope for the best out of it.

So, Im just here to be thankful of all the good and bad things that had happened to me all this time. And may there be more good stuffs coming my way soon and in the future. AMin!!

p/s: 87 days before the submission of my dissertation. Goodluck to Ida, Nadiah and Kak will all be over soon. :)

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