Monday, August 13, 2007

AUGUST 13th...

Its also a special day for the left handed myself..according to the 'hot topic' on msn today ;)

It is said that left handed people are seen to bring bad luck...and history were 'unkind' to them..thanks to the Romans who has dramatized this whole thing of being 'left handed'. Luckily for me, I was not alive during those

I personally think it doesnt matter whether ure a left or right handed though there seem to be a lot of issues about it..not that I will bother myself to read it. Nanti saja when im bored n jobless..;)

All that I can recall, when I was a lil kid...I do remember being told to do more things with my right hand...for example, when I 'put' things in my mouth, hold my spoon, my pencil..mengaut makanan and all sort of stuffs. It was hard when ur left hand will automatically reach out for things when u need to ambil barang..for example. So sometimes, I had to remind myself to do it with my right hand before reaching out for things. And I do recall being a lil annoyed when everything I did was being watched and salah.

But, I have to say that of course I still do alot of things with my left feels more comfortable for me. And sometimes I do have to remind myself to 'change hands' especially when eating with a spoon or fork because eating with the left hand is not good...culturally and religiously I suppose. But one thing I really cant change is when I eat with must be the left hand coz with my right hand..i dont even know how to hold it properly. So, it is safer to makan with tangan..atleast I always use my right one..;p

And it is impolite to shake hands or receive gifts or pasing barang etc etc with the left hand...which is not a problem for me as I do pass/take etc things from others with my right hand out of habit. Its only when my right hand is occupied with other brg or dirty..that I use my left hand, even then, I apologise to them right on the spot.

Oohh...I remembered when I was in primary 5 or was it 6...I used to argue alot with this boy from pakistan/india (cant remember)..maybe his name was rashid or arshad..entah eh. Anyway, the point is..I was sitting on his right when we do our work..especially when we have to copy things from the elbow usually banged into his elbow..and vice versa. and ofcourse, being a kid..we usually fight over stuffs like this between ourselves. Haha. I remembered thinking 'this boy is fussy n unfriendly'. Initially I said sorry, but eventually it turns out to be a 'game' I enjoyed simply because he was a perfectionist n wants his work to be neat..and I was too. So, I have to admit sometimes I did it on purpose when he is writing far ahead of me n when Im bored..and he did the same to me as well. So, we r even I guess. Hahaha. Funny, the little things that you remember..

Ok guys,I think thats all for now. Want to get back to my 'unprogressing work'..;)


*ok..ok..I give up.I dont have a problem with you being one of the left handers* ;)

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