Saturday, December 16, 2006

Why do we do that?

Days passed into weeks, weeks passed into months, then its time to submit your work or whatever... U had all the time in the do whatever u have to do...but then you all did was let time passed by and struggle towards the end to catch time. Why do we do that?

Be it us students....or working men and women...some of them will left things to the end before doing it..but why do we do that?

It is because we will do better under pressure...we're just doing it for adrenaline rush...plain lazy...or taking time for granted...etc etc etc.

The thing is...Ive been doing that...reading dari awal..then when its time to do work..i realized that ive read too much that i dont know where to focus...then once i start typing...its takes too long to siap altho i know time is running out...

Its so annoying...but its happening. So im thinking...why do i and others do that?

Anywy, im just saying this out loud...just for the sake of it.

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