Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Happy Birthday YA

As you can see, I havent been in my most rajin mood to update my blog..although i do have loads to tell. But im just being lazy as usual..hehe..

But today Brunei time..8th the birthday of one of my dearest cousin, called Elia (or i call Ya..)...whom I enjoy to kacau...and who is definitely sleeping at the moment...unless she kana kacau endlessly by friends or families wishing her ' a year older'...;)

Anyway, just want to shout out a 'HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY' to you....and wishing you luck all year round and for the many many years to come ;) If shopping, ingat ingat kami here and of course, dont miss us too much. Have fun and do update about your day..:)

And this is the only decent picture I have of you...hehe...yang lain not that appropriate..and I dont think this is recent..this might be 2 years old kali..more or less :)...
And to my friends, after reading this read bee's blog under the title Mardi...hehe...where there are more details about the birthday girl. hehehe.
Luv u Ya. Take care ;p

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