Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Have you ever been in a situation where everything was going well...and then things started to be not so well..

In my case, my life is alhamdulillah doing well so far...Ive let go of things that I should let uni life is not readings are going well as well although its a lil slow to my liking...and im starting my essays due end of this month...I only have another 5 days of hutang puasa to pay...etc etc etc.

Anyway, the reason why Im posting this post is because it is true when people say ur life cant go smooth all way are bound to have few minor hiccups or major ones. And how when I was younger, my late grandpa used to remind me everytime I visited him during school holidays that life will not always be the way we wanted it to be...we have to constantly work towards a better life etc etc etc.

Last night, when I was just thinking that I am happy with myself because this term Ive been reading things that I should be reading for lectures and understanding it... and while I was typing my work, my laptop was making funny noises...tapi baru jua 2 jam I was reading and typing away in an attempt to finish atleast 3/4 of it so that I can start with another one by end of this week. So I thought maybe the sound will go away in a bit...and I thought to myself...maybe I should switch it off and let it rest...and decided I will do that if the noise persist in another 10mins...

Sekalinya without giving me a chance to save my work or without prior warning, it just switched off in just few mins to 10 mins. hmm. How frustrating can that be? My laptop has failed me quite a few times within the past 6 mths...and it struck me..this is only another test...cubaan (Lol)..when i think about it, its funny how in our minds...we are constantly talking to ourselves...just like how JD talks to himself in SCRUBS...haha..

Anyway, it struck me that I am being tested.I see this as one of my minor test...last term I was being tested at a time when I really need my laptop to meet my deadlines. It failed me by refusing to switched on...and bcoz I dont have a proper CD recovery for my was 'disable' before xmas holidays....throughout xmas and till end of january.

It was only functioning late january and Ive only properly used it to listen to music, type my work, review stuffs ive saved from the internet di uni for the entire of february...and now when im doing my essays, it failed me again. SO i decided to sleep and wait for tomorrow.

Luckily this morning, when I checked was switched on instantly when i press the start button bla bla...but then, how much of this can I take especially when Im gona start typing my dissertation after easter...hmm...should I invest in a new laptop? Im told me to buy apple saja coz ada the agent back in Brunei...but how about dell? do we have the agent in Brunei?

Anyway, im trying to get dad or a friend to send me the proper CD recovery for my laptop...and i will try to properly reformat it and etc etc...and see how it goes..

SO, right now, it calls for laptop hunting...:)...I will be viewing potential laptops online lah dulu...which will be difficult coz kak meng is the one who knows and help us understand all these 'computer-ish' functions in the IT pretty useless trying to understand all these IT language...hehe..

Anyway, to kak meng if ure reading this....recommendations are welcome...and kak mel, do u find apple easy to function?

Ok then, thats it for today :)


FR said...

Balsy!!! *hugs*

And you won't be tested if you can't overcome them!!


cells said...

yup, thats true. Thnxs. And so far, the laptop has been good since. Last night saya type as much as i can..;p