Friday, March 02, 2007

I think I've been tagged twice about this...although the first time I was a lil malas to do it..hehe..anyway, i thought might as well...:)..

Here it goes...6 weird things about me :)

1)Ive been forever in love with tomatoes..dalam masakan, or juice, or just eat it as it is..or tomato ketchup. Friends find it peculiar that I enjoy eating bread with ketchup..;)...wait till they see me eat rice with ketchup and kicap...yummy!!

2)I dont really make daily plans, especially with it doesnt really happen the way its planned. People cancel last minute..because it clash with sth else or because they dont feel like it, they change their minds or they totally lupa. Unless its emergency cases, then I dont like people cancelling their plans last minute, especially when I look forward to that day. So I dont make plans anymore...unless its important and needs thorough planning.

3) I have a 'mental block system' or i prefer calling it a 'shutdown' system. When im irritated/annoyed/not pleased/unhappy/ not agreeing with what they say or when i do not want to hear someones voice..whatever they say will just go through me. Their voice will be on 'mute' although they may be sitting next to me talking to me. Its like im in my own world n i can select what i want to hear etc. And that is how i can stand being patient all this time with whoever Im not so fond off. And this system is also good for 'suppressing' unhappy thoughts and I dont really like people knowing what exactly goes inside my 'brain'..or when im unhappy ;)

4)I'm slow...if im out with family or friends, i will probably be the last to finish my food(although im always the first to finish my drink ;p), be the last person to make a decision(unless im so into it). If people rush me into decisions etc, then i will most probably ended up with no decisions at all..;p

5)I let people get away with minor things. Example, if a friend of mine becerita abt something...and the story line is a lil bit different from the actual story or the story that he/she told me, I will usually let it be. Not because Im ignorant or cant be bothered, but bcoz its more or less the same story. tapi liat occasion lah, sometimes i will correct them when i feel its necessary.

But often, I let it be when people contradict themselves, I let it be when i found out a friend stole my money dulu..although i dropped hints about it, I let it be when i learned/heard that some friends had bad talked about me..unless its a big issue. I let it be when my feelings are hurt by something that someone might have said etc etc...I dont know why I do this..but I do.

6) Apa lagi ah?? hehe..let me think...i dont think its weird...but im out of points to say...but I still enjoy watching cartoons!!

Ok then, thats post for the day..or week ;)

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Anonymous said...

hahaha. i just lurve reading what people write about themselves when they get tagged. good for you sal.