Saturday, March 31, 2007

i only have 5mins to blog now before i have to run to catch the it will be short and the rest will be continue next time if its read on..what do u guys think?

I had a conversation with a friend recently. We were talking about how some people tend to be gila glamour at all times...they want to have the nicest and mahal-est car, the kewlest and biggest accesories, have the kewlest job, have a kewl title which people usually attach with being...'wah,dat position must demand alot out of u...or wah...basar gaji nya tu...or that is such an important position'...etc etc etc.

And some people might appear to be nice and sweet upfront..always ok with everything, tapi sebenarnya ia inda suka. So although he/she tends to agree with whatever you say and do dapan dapan...tapi actually he/she will mengumpat of how they dont actually agree with what u r doing.

And some people wont settle with anything less than what they expect although they know they cant afford, some will indirectly put pressure on their partner's or parents just because they want to have that thing...whatever it is...

What do u guys think about this? DO you guys agree that people are becoming more like this?

k,got to go now.

Till then...muahz


tinybottom said...

Hahaha. I so agree with you. Some of the jobs tend to be over-rated. Kesian! Big jobs equals more demand. Think economics. I doubt these people actually think 'OMG! I've got so much work, I gotta put in more effort!" Nope. They're like... "Oooo... glamour job! I'm flying to Europe! I love my job" but in fact, they're utterly exahusted by their job. Their job is just to show off. HAVING A GLAMOUROUS JOB IN A GLAMOUROUS PLACE WILL NOT GUARANTEE YOU A GOOD LIFE.

Comment on your third para: Yes! people are two faced! I so agree with that. Hehehe... tapi itulah di katakan manusia dan permainan dunia. Not everyone is perfect... siapa kan admit ia perfect or inda pernah menggumpat kelakar banar tah orang atu! hahaha

For those who won't settle with anything less but can't afford it --> there is always an answer to this. WORK! Earn some money and stop harassing your parents or your partner for money or whatever it is that you want. Jangan tah jealous bah if orang atu terdapat something nice and you don't. You want something you earn it the hard way! Kalau inda, you're just mighty spoilt. Anak menteri lagi earn their own money kali ah.

AA said...

ntah lah beb, we are all getting if not materialistic .. we become fakers.. everyones wearing a mask nowadays!!! :(

cells said...

haha.u r so critical tinybottom ;p..but its ones an angel..

and aa..yes,its true that everyones wearing mask nowadays. and i got ur email..will reply it soon ;)