Thursday, May 31, 2007

I dont really have anything to say...but when its late and u cant sleep and programmes on the tv are boring then..what better can u do..:) i'll try not to write too long...;p

Anyway, I was bloghopping earlier on and came across a blog where one of the topics mentioned by the blogger was about people being 'afraid'. She mentioned that most people..are always afraid that if they choose A, manatau B would have a better offer and vice versa. We are afraid that if we make a choice now..then we might be missing something else or overlooked something that might be better for us out there. And some of us are constantly jealous of another person when she/he earns more..or offered with more opportunities to expand and explore her/his potentials etc.

I guess it is just human nature...not wanting to be miss out...being left behind.. always wants to do things perfectly and be the best they can possibly ever be..and some even go to a point of trying everything out..trying to take in more than what they can actually handle. But, are we at fault for wanting the best for ourself, our family and friends?

Maybe it is how most of us were brought up...where if we score 98% in our exam.. then some or maybe most parents will say..'eh, mana cukup tu..100% baru ya'..or they will say 'thats great...but there is still room for improvement'.. or another senario 'thats great..berapa kawan mu c bulan dapat?' and if we say that he/she scores higher...then the next line will,how come u cant score like her/him' or somewhere along that line. And I bet many of us are familiar with this situation. And it doesnt stops there... sometimes some of us come to a situation where we are competing with our dearest cousins...just because we are in the same year...doing the same course and all that. But of course, our parents are just doing that for our kebaikan.

Or if its not the way we are brought up, maybe it is just the feeling of being accepted, praised and given attention, feeling appreciated and all that...that makes us wants to be better by the minute. we are always looking for something that will make us better than the day before. So is it human nature to be highly
competitive, sometimes to the point of being selfish, sometimes to the point of hurting others to ensure that u get to the 'place' where u wana be.

Im not saying that its bad because I think it is good that we want to do the best and achieve more with our talents or capabilities..or selagi mampu as ppl always cakap...but I guess it is also important not to lose our perspectives...coz sometimes when we aim 'big'...we tend to forget n fail to appreciate all the little things in life that are also equally important.

When we achieve something doesnt makes it less important. Instead, it is all these little achievements that may be a GATEWAY to bigger achievements...who knows right..;)

As my cousins have said to me...take baby steps along the way, in the will be able to finish what u are doing or be where you wana be.

Anyway, I better stop now coz I think ive went off from the main issue I wanted to address earlier on..haha...have fun. Will write more soon.

p/s: To the kakaks...makan kan kueh teow di jingchew...Im ever sooo craving for it..;) Miss u all..bye

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un6 said...

I have this psychological disease called Comparitis. And I believe the comparing, judging and never-satisfied culture I was brought up in that you talked about I was a main reason for the disease.

No matter how many times I appreciate the smaller things in life, no matter how much I polish my self-confidence, for some reason, I keep comparing myself to others and think everything is not enough.

Hehe. I think it's one of those conditioned behaviour that we have to overcome bit by bit daily.