Monday, June 25, 2007

Back in Canterbury

Im back...I didnt realize how much I actually missed this place till I arrive arah the bus I make my day home through the streets and lines of struck me that despite not enjoying the uni here, I will infact miss the friends I have made here, walking around town with no purpose, cuci mata, my 'starbucks' sessions...etc etc etc.

2 weeks in London..that must have been the longest ever time ive spend di london. Usually I'll get enough of London just after 4-5 days...but this time its been fun..and the libraries are lawa. Well, SOAS is very old..but with the amazing collection of books...i can just sit and enjoy my time there the whole day. Too bad, the library there tutup by 5pm..and I find the photocopier And LSE was equally great as well...and the library's layout is lawa...modern and spacious!

Besides that, most of the people from Canterbury..esp the UBDians ngam ngam di bruhall as it was nice to have familiar and friendly faces to look have dinner with..And the late night bingeing n omong omong

..sharing the same room with Idot..hehe..its been fun and she is nyanyah early in the morning..haha..something i have to get use to..;p..and ofkos she pun have to get use to my addiction to nyanyi nyanyi random songs and random national anthems..hahahaha...dont miss me too much..;p

And yay!!!...I know how to use the buses sudah..and which number to take to get around in london...well, not brilliant lah..just ok..atleast budget sikit compared to the underground and atleast i get to see 'dunia'..;p

Ok then people, I will write more soon. Basically, besides my research in the library..its been brilliant..and good food as well di bruhall..haha...soto, ayam kari, martabak, mee basah, spaghetti, u name it...nyaman...atleast kurang rindu makan masakan

Till then, bye ;)

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