Saturday, June 09, 2007

Just for the sake of thinking aloud...

People always say that if you really want something really bad, it will come true eventually. We know, realistically,it is not that simple...we wont get the things we want just by wanting it really bad. Instead, it involves a whole lot of other factors to get us nearer to our goals. And there will be obstacles along every pathways that we it big or small.

And we were always told that if we really want something badly...we must set our mind to pursue determined and willing to work our way towards may take a month...a year or a couple of years before we can be at the place where we really want to be.

But, what happens if no matter what you are still at the place where you first started?

What happens if no matter what you do..your goals are still far away?

And what happens if no matter what you do...instead of getting nearer to your goals, you are getting further away from it?

And, though people always cakap you need to besabar, be persistent and work your way from the bottom..but when will you know when to stop? when will you know that enough is enough?

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