Saturday, December 08, 2007


Its raining so ever labat here in KB. I was out with my dad a few hours ago for dinner.. and then we passed this was sooo bright. Rupanya its a gelanggang where ppl can play badminton etc. I didnt even know theres one nearby to where I am in kb. I miss playing badminton!!!

I use to play badminton every now and then while I was in UBD with leng, iqzal, jane or ikin. We would arrive early so that we can get the court that we that we wont end up waiting for the others to stop playing before we can start playing. It was fun.. playing singles and double.

This one time a few years ago, baby and I went to Menglait sports hall to play badminton. It was weird coz it was our first time and the court looked full...but we managed to play for a few hours. I remembered thinking that it was good.

I have to admit that I am not really aware of the rules...because I havent been bothered to take note of it. Maybe I should ;p But it is one of the sports that I enjoy...besides swimming, softball and playing pool...if that is considered as a sport..;p

Its been ages since I played badminton. Kak mel and I were just talking about it a few weeks ago I think but with the family functions at that time, we haven't got the chance to play.

Anyway, the point is....I miss badminton!! I havent played any sports since I got back...maybe I should make time soon ;) So, who wants to play badminton with me??


FR said...

i do!!! i would like to play with you!!

Anonymous said...

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27 said...

selina.i'll play with you hehe surprise you were in KB last month. anyway nice to know you are well.