Friday, May 23, 2008


I am at the moment stuck and stranded inside my office.


Apparently the main automatic door has been locked. And the supposedly security who should be guarding outside is nowhere to be seen.

Now...I have to wait for my colleague who will return to the office to collect his laptop and all. So what more enjoying that going online. lol.

I find this in a way funny...though I cant explain why. But I do hope I will be out of this building before maghrib...which is just in a few minutes. Hmm. Another unfortunate event!!

Anyway, we have finally move to our permanent seat..and my table looks 'naked'. I want to add a few character to it so that it wont be dull.

Let me list some of the things I will need:

- small shelf...the height of my divider...which will mean dua tingkat saja.
- a proper place to put my pen next to my desktop...I saw one di Serusop. It a figure of a cat putting its arm together. Lawa!! And cheap. lol.
- proper divider for my books and papers
- ?

What I want:
This is the interesting bit...hehe..not that I want much...a few saja.

- a tall thinking around 16inch...should be more or less the height of my divider to be place at the corner of my L shaped table. And im thinking maybe those small miniature bamboo would be nice.
- another plant...with be place next to my desktop.
- something that I can stick on my divider.. mayb family picture. or maybe I would like to keep my life private..;p

Thats all I can think of right now. I just want it to be simple and nice.

Since my colleague is not here yet......let me think of what to write. Hmm.
Here are some random things in my head.

A foreign doctor working in Brunei asked me why I never opted to take medicine. Seriously, I dont know why. Maybe it never occured to me. I dont even remember.

What I do remember...I wanted to be a forensic...then Im stuck with the idea of being an archaeologists. And now, I am completely doing a different thing. Its funny how our life always turn out to be different from our plans.

Anyway, my colleague is here now.

Got to go...dont want to be a prisoner for long...;p


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