Friday, October 24, 2008

Something missing...

I am 28 years old. Im blessed with a big extended family..aunties, uncles and cousins whom some I dont even know their real names. Friends from all sorts of background and a number of good trustable friends. I have a good education and a job with a reasonable pay, and I am seeing someone.

So why is it do I feel like there's still something if theres a missing 'brick' in the whole wide puzzle? Why is it I still feel lonely?

Don't get me wrong...I am absolutely thankful for the blessings Ive been given...the opportunities that came my way...the silly mistakes that made me a stronger and perhaps a better person.

The only question is...why am I feeling the way I feel?



AA said...

Because its human nature to forever feel the longing for something we really want but can't have :) for me, it wud have to be the LV Neverful damian bag LOL! but im in tokyo now, so we never know heheheheheheheh.

Padian said...

I, myself, am looking for the same answer. We sound so UNGRATEFUL of what we have, which is plenty compared to most, but that is what we are not.... but in a sense, that is what we are... Do you get me?

To me, the missing link... the emptiness in ourselves... maybe our own doing... I am looking into re-strengthening my SPIRITUAL values...

I have a feeling, a very strong one, when you have god in you... you would not feel this way.

I won't LECTURE on things i am not good at yet... but, its an avenue worth "persue-ing" (I can't spell)... What say you???