Thursday, October 16, 2008

We had a lecture series this morning for military personnels and civilians and followed by my first trip to the training institute at Penanjong in the afternoon for our guest to give lecture to the junior cadets. it was interesting especially at the training institute as the cadets were more enthusiastic to ask questions during the Q&A.

Anyway, now m killing time at Cheezbox before its time for me to bring the guest to our dinner venue. To drive all d way home would be alang this is the next best option.

And so I got time to sit and reflect on myself..(which ive been doing alot lately...and sometimes too much for my own liking..;p)

Anyway, these are the areas which I need to pay more attention:

1) to enhance my knowledge

2) and more 'maintain' it in my head...meaning i have to work on my memory 'power' and work on lessening the eefectiveness of my 'built-in block system' or my 'autodelete'

3)Time management - I believe I've improve compared to how I was back in April 2008. However, more need to be done in terms of dividing tasks and using my time efficiently...and all this goes back to my 'brilliant' speed to blocking and auto-deleting information in myhead.

4) If there s such a thing called 'Internal Anger Management Course' or something like that, then I ll need to join it.

5)and to work on my greatest weaknesses...:
a) my self confidence
b) my indecisiveness
c) my lack of enthusiasm for certain important things in life
d) on how I can easily get bored of things. I need to find something that will keep me interested for a long time.

Anyway, its nearly 7pm now..I have to go. to be continued... xxx

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