Friday, July 10, 2009


We had a meeting tadi discussing various issues and challenges we are facing as a deparment.

Then come to logistics and our monthly collection...ada tia issue sabun siapa yang mesti order..and this sabun is to be place in every single toilet..then come the issue of 'inda kana layan' by the department who is responsible to respond to our request for sabun and all the other things..

sabun punya pasal voices are raised to the point of sakit telinga...i literally had to place one of my fingers into my left ear to minimize the impact of their "shouting voice"..each wanting their point to go across and each wanting the other to agree with their way...

then ada tia the issue pasal pangkat...its amazing huh?..i was certainly amazed how one can be so 'hierarchical' in their head..hmm..

more issues break and money issue..and setting up a new fund khas for sedekah and charity purposes and atu pun no one can agree on the amount to be given.

One of them wants it to be institutionalise and each of the staffs must pay according to their salary scale and me and some others wants to have a tabung sedekah where it is there and its up to us to masukkan berapa kami mau...which i believe fits the purpose of sedekah and megikut keikhlasan the end, the agreed price is $3 minimum every month.

Everyone agreed to its long as its not institutionalize as i personally think it bets the purpose of sedekah. Mind you..our monthly collection for our coffee break everyday sudah mengikut our scale gaji.. imagine having two tabung that we have to pay according to our scale?? ngalih saja buat dua kali kerja to audit it every month...

Anyway, the point is...we are a small department and yet everyone cant seem to agree..imagine a bigger group...which might be a disaster if sorang sorang with their PL (hehe...a word Ive learned since working..hehe)

basically the word to describe work = CHAOTIC!!!


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Rayena Rajid said...

Cells!! Hehe.. thanks for dropping by my blog! Awuuuuuuuu.. gila ramai org di primark kmarin ah.. I hvnt been in primark di London, ani di Belfast, coz u knw.. the last tym I went to London was in 1995!! Hehe.. bnyk dah imprvments! Hehe.. ani kan ke primark lg kan balikan my sis baju ah.. hw r u guys doin?? Krm slm Yuli.. ;)) Take care. :P~