Saturday, August 07, 2010

I want to be brilliant =p

For the past two weeks, I have been alone in my office as my senior is on leave.

There are times when I am so energize to do work and I will finish off all the newspaper readings that I have to do and mark relevant ones for the librarian to cut, scan and store...and continue it with my typing, reading and doing research.

There are also times when I am just so not into my work and I will feel extremely sleepy. This is when I will be sitting, looking down at my paper or holding up a pen trying to keep buzy but my eyes are just too heavy...or I have to walk around to give random visit to the other units...just to say hi and wake myself up.

Recently, I have been doing alot of reading. And as I was reading all this excellent analytical articles written by renowned researchers / lecturers / hit me...I want to be able to write brilliantly. I want to be like them..if not better..=)

One of my monthly core task is to write two is facts only and another one is an issue based paper which requires me to be analytical. I want to do both brilliantly. How do I do that? lol.

I know that my writing skills or analytical skills have progressed...judging from my boss's feedback on my work..yay...=) however, I dont really think I am doing that well. There are still a couple of things...(or alot actually) that needs to be look at and improve.

One of it is my talking skills. I tend to work better on paper than explaining things verbally. And sometimes I prefer it that way. Introvert tah banar. lol. Next is my presentation skills. This is one of my greatest fear that I have not overcome. Anyway, both are related to public speaking.  lol.

Being in Uni was different, I get to talk and practice infront of the same group of ppl, but in the working life, its just scary cause you dont get the same audience all the time and ppl expect you to be good. ppl expect you to know the things you do at the back of ur palm...which is not always the case....
I see things more as an ongoing learning process. No matter how much I read and know about things, there will always be someone who is more well-read than I am. I just wish ppl realise that.

Anyway, my point is...I want to be brilliant at what I'm doing. I want to write excellent analytical articles that is good enough to be publish in newspapers, journal, magazines...etc. I want to have my own book published...with my name on it. I want to be give excellent book reviews, I want ppl to fight to get the first or the last copy of my book...etc. wouldn't that be brilliant? lol.

I will try to work myself towards my aim starting next week...insyallah...=)

Its already 2am..and I have to wake up at 4.30 tomorrow.


And may I have a brilliant Sunday tomorrow =)


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Anonymous said...

dear.. i had to privatise my blog for certain reasons.. will story you and update you~ email me for info ;)