Sunday, February 27, 2011

A quick update…

Its been ages since the last time I blogged, but its never too late to say Happy New Year right =) Many things had happened though its only 2 months into 2011. Some are good, some are bad and some are better left unspoken. I have started off the year thinking about a lot of things…from family, friends, work, health, finance, and all that.

And though it is a ritual for people to prepare a list of wish list or resolution every year, I did not made any for this year. Instead, I would like to work on the things I wished for since 2008…A few of the things that I’ve wished for since 2008….eg…

1) Get a job – that is done
2) Lose 10 kg – that is still in a working progress…in fact, this year, I need to lose 30 kgs. Lol.
3) To fit into my lovely old clothes – that is not happening yet.
4) Buy a house by 2010 – that is out of my list at the moment as I am financially unstable. Lol. However, I’ve applied for government housing back in 2009. Should hear something about it by this year.
5) To improve my sembahyang – still working on it.
6) To start mengaji – possibly soon
7) To reprioritize and put my needs first – still working on it
8) To start my savings for real…
9) …

Some of the unexpected / unplanned things happened since 2008 –

1) Found new love =)
2) Slowly letting go of old love... (
3) my laptop died on had to buy a new laptop
4) the same goes to my
4) Un-friend a childhood friend – good riddance I must say
5) I have anger issues lol
6) reconfirmed to myself that I hate silly confrontations
7) …

I think that's all for today.


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