Thursday, September 29, 2011

Missed dearly

This day last year was a very emotional day for our family. It’s the day my grandma passed away. Though she is no longer with us here, she is still deeply missed and at times it feels like she is still around.

There are so many things to share when it comes to her. When I was younger, she was the one who used to wake me up every morning to go and buy ‘kuih’ or ‘pulut panggang’ for breakfast. She was the one who made the greatest soup, the greatest home-made food and made sure I am awake on time to get ready and have enough time to walk to school. She has so much love to shower and share; and her level of patience and endurance is undoubtedly amazing. I am sure the whole extended family agrees.

Mudahan sentiasa dirahmati and placed among those yang beriman and yang berada di jalan Allah.

Al-Fatihah..with loads of love.

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HUGS !!!!!