Tuesday, July 31, 2012

People often say that time will heal everything...even a broken heart. As much as I have moved on and am definitely in a much happier place now...it doesn't really erase the hurt you once felt. The feeling of annoyance, bleurgh, unsatisfied, the unanswered questions etc..its all there as memories. 

I know it is human nature to hate being rejected, cheated and deceived, being the second best and the person at the losing end. This is however the reality of life. 

Being in love is a great feeling...but there is no guarantee that it will last. There is no guarantee that the strong feeling inside you today will still be present in ten years time. There is no guarantee that you will grow happily and age gracefully together. 

The truth is...most of the time, things happened and it doesn't even make sense. And I guess that is the beauty of God. All has been designed to happened the way it is suppose to happen, and at times its better to lay things to rest as knowing the truth might be suicidal even from the strongest mind.


Giancarlo said...

Il tempo guarisce un cuore malato, ma resta sempre la cicatrice!!
felice inizio settimana a te...ciao.

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