Monday, September 25, 2006

(This is the blog that should have been up a few nights ago…just found out what went wrong although I don’t see why it should happened)

Update since I’ve arrived at London

Arrived at Heathrow Airport: 17th September 2006

Overall, the flight was fine despite one bumpy landing masa di Dubai, and the poor choices of movie available on-air which made the journey dull-er. I only managed to watch two of the movies out of the long hours.

Then when we touch down at the was hectic especially when we had to go to different counters for our med-check up to be authorize by them. On top of the different instruction that was given to us, the queue was long and I was feeling extremely hot..although I remain quiet..coz ngalih sudah kan becakap.

And the unfortunate part was...that particualr morning there was a security dog there..and it kept on smelling and licking two of the Bruneians luggage, so they had to go to the security and open up their luggage. kedapatan tia banyak makanan tin. They had to get rid of the sardines and corned-beef (however u spell it). Kesian lah...I don't even remember if they had to pay for excess baggage due to the canned food. But still pity them though. Other than that, everything else went well.

The whole week has been a tiring week for me. Had lots to settle since I’ve arrive at Kent. Upon arrival, I found out that they don’t have available rooms for postgraduates, although I’ve booked online like a month ago. Nasib jua I bought a return ticket to Brunei Hall as I only wanted to check whether theres a room for me or not di ParkWood since the office never responded to any of the emails I sent them.

Anyway, after days of sleeping over at Dora’s place and nagging the Accommodation Office everyday for a room which they asked me to wait till next week incase there are any, I decided that I better find myself a room elsewhere since the Accommodation Office cant guarantee me anything.

After days of searching and contacting different ppl, I've finally found a room off campus at the City Centre. And if everything goes well, I will move in earliest by Tuesday and latest by Thursday. Yay!!

Its a proper house with 4 bedrooms, one small living room, kitchen and a backyard... 2 of the rooms are taken by us ( Jirin and I) and the other 2 rooms..we have yet to wait and see..:).. will give more detail abt it soon.

Anyway, I think that’s the only update for now. There are more stories...such as what had happened on the plane on the way from Dubai to UK (which kak nana will like...try to guess kak), then had lunch with Idot di London etc... but will update next time.

I got to go now. I am really sleepy. Nighty nyte.

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