Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hi guys,

My first lecture yesterday went well... it was just abrief introduction to the course and we had to introduce ourselves to the whole class.

Compared to yesterday where most of them are locals except a few from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Thailand. I had a more interesting lecture/seminar was a small class of 10 ppl only...and the most 'international' so far...:)... there was a guy that came from Japan who is only here to do his research although he had completed his PhD, a woman from Korea doing criminology, another one from Taiwan doing Research Methods, an Italian woman doing a one term visit for her PhD and another guy from Nigeria who is the only one whos doing the same course as me..:)

I have to say that the structure and the lecture settings is very different from the undergrads years... its makes me a lil nervous coz the class is very interpersonal... but then, its kinda fun as well as you have the opportunity to get to know them as well thru real conversation...not just omong kosong because ure in the same course.

And I am happy to learn that I am not the only one doing my hopefully I will talk to the nigerian guy soon...although we havent talk to each other yet tadi.. :)

From the course outline..things looks good although I'm trying to keep in mind that I will need to put in more effort to score well..but I'm not feeling the pressure yet..the info still kinda go in and out of ur mind..hehe..but Im trying to auto setup my mind to ive attempt to read two chapters yesterday for one of the far ok lah, ive read a chapter...another one to go.. :)

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